Wonderment, Shock, “Have you lost your mind!”…. thinks the husband

About 2 weeks ago husband walks in the back door from work stops immediately in his steps and gave me a look of shock, wonder and have you lost your mind all at the same time.  When one stays home after working for years and is not quiet use to having “free time” she must find something to do!  Boy did I!

Our kitchen completely operable and useful needed well I’m thinking a little updating.  I began with a rip on the wallpaper, a tug on the molding, a yank on the wainscoting and hmmmm this floor has got to go thought.  Needless to say, no longer bored or have free time.

I say to Robin, “Look what I did”  – just like a small child coloring for the first time. He can plainly see without an announcement and is thinking to himself oh no!  Excited, I’m telling him ALL THESE NEW IDEAS floating around in my head for our farmhouse style kitchen makeover.  He is on board and is liking these new changes.  Unfortunately work is not.  We both can and will be doing our makeover but his work has scheduled 6 – 10 hour work days.   Heartbroken, frustrated, hanging in there, because I can only do so much, am trying to keep a positive attitude.  The one thing that is driving me insane is I have used 2 1/2 rooms for storage and a pantry.  I  have decorated my  house with a winter look but sadly can’t see anything but stuff, stuff, stuff…No amount of calgon will take this away.  So I’m patiently waiting for Sunday’s to get here and in the meantime clean up as much clutter and dust (oh that dust) I possibly can and keep thinking about how beautiful my kitchen is going to look when we finish!

Here are some pictures of the kitchen decorated for fall



and what it looks like today…. We decided to put the wainscoting back up and paint it white. The current counter tops are tile but we will be installing butcher block counter tops ourselves.  We are keeping the old cabinets which are in great shape but will paint them and add new hardware.


Photobomb – Scarlett my sweet baby girl.

Just for fun here are a few pics of us stripping down the kitchen.


3 thoughts on “Wonderment, Shock, “Have you lost your mind!”…. thinks the husband

  1. Oh no, I have a plan. I knew what I was going to do with this room before deconstruction. The concrete floor is down, and the custom cabinets are in the works. We did run into a few bumps, this being an old home and had to make a few unexpected repairs. I have everything thing I need for this room. My husband and I are doing the work ourselves, which makes this project even more personal. It is a slow process right now but is coming along beautifully. I am very excited and anxious for the end results. Thanks!


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