Sunshine with the burning question – “To change or Not to change”

The sunshine is beaming throughout the house which makes everything smile, warm and cozy.  It always makes for a good day.

Today I’m thinking of taking down the winter decor but do I really start putting up spring decor?  Probably should wait, but I do like the small changes and gratification I feel when changing out the slightest things….I took one of my winter wreaths down this morning and actually felt a little sad and betrayal toward the winter season.

Maybe I should make another wreath, drink another few cups of coffee, enjoy the sunshine from inside (still a little chilly out) or bite the bullet and take down the decor..oh there’s still the issue of insanity with the storage/pantry rooms.  Ugh, I can’t get to my dinning room or dinning room table due to the overage from the kitchen.

Well this has kind of got me in a dilemma – Until I figure what I’m going to wildly embark upon today please enjoy some pictures of my winter decor.

FYI – I am seeking advice/consultation/help for my blog and setting it up the proper way.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

My husband made our dinning room table from our old back porch which holds so many wonderful loving memories.  Birthday parties, boyfriend breakups, breakfast on a spring/summer morning, dancing under the moonlight, serious conversations of politics, religion and what do we do now….so many more.  I’m so happy that now my porch has a new life and is acquiring new memories like our Fourth of July feast (too hot to eat outside), the annual Halloween pumpkin carving extravaganza with chili and all the “fixins”, our family Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner, a candle lit anniversary dinner, playing games waiting for the New Year ball to drop..and so much more to come~~What a joy it is for us to share!

The Coca-Cola crate was a remnant let here when we moved in the house! So excited to undercover this jewel in the garage.



4 thoughts on “Sunshine with the burning question – “To change or Not to change”

    • Thank you for your comment. I love my winter decor! I start decorating my house for Christmas on November 1st …. I know most people don’t like the idea of “skipping” Thanksgiving . The thing is I kind of have a routine – mid Aug/Sept 1 fall decorations go up – Oct 1 Halloween outside only – we turn our house into something different each year, Oct 31 Halloween down, Nov 1 – Christmas up and usually Jan 1 Christmas down and winter stays. I must confess I put the wreath back up! Ha-ha. The wreath is a winter one not Christmas.

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  1. I love your house. Especially those glass cabinets. Very pretty decor. Check out “livingwellspendingless” blog and “thenester” blog for some great tips from seasoned bloggers. Personally, I would like to see bigger pictures. Love your writing.

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