Life on a Farm and Everyday Use of “Farmhouse Decor”

I was raised on a farm with, cows, pigs, horses, chickens, a garden, growing hay for the animals and tobacco crops (don’t hold that against me) for extra income.  We didn’t have the magnificent farmhouse but did however, have all the “farmhouse decor” that is so treasured or highly sought after in the vintage/antique stores –  and used them everyday.  My mother still has the hand forged (made by a great grand relative) cabbage chopper for making kraut and uses it to this day.  She and her siblings get together each year for canning vegetables, making kraut, jelly and jam.  My mother has her old crock for making home grown pickles.  My dad had all the tools for shoeing a horse, farming tools for working around the house, on the barn and repairing fences. When I see certain items in the shops, floods of memories pour all over me.  I see a cast iron skillet and I start thinking oh the stories that could be told.  The laughter of a family sitting around the dinner table with a pot of pinto beans (we called them soup beans) cornbread made in the cast iron skillet, and of course canned beets to go with the meal…now the pot and skillet are hanging on a wall waiting once more to hopefully feel the warmth of a good meal and hear the laughter of happy times.

Then I realize hey, I think mom still has the scoop we used for feeding the animals or wait I need that crock and oh yeah she might have this or that…..So, mom, I’m coming up soon and yes, going shopping in the basement.  I need these items well for memories and yes my kitchen decor!  I love having little treasures of my childhood around me. The love I feel when using them or looking at them proudly displayed.

I wouldn’t change my adventures of childhood for nothing in the world…well I would love to spend more time with my family, my dad (who is deceased), Sunday family lunches-mom’s fried chicken, homemade biscuits, canned green beans, a good home grown tomato…. Our family doesn’t live close enough to each other and have to plan family get together’s, around busy work schedules, school schedules or other events….Some things can’t be changed only treasured.


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