Yes It’s That Time of Year….Cabin Fever, Blooming Flowers, Baby Chickens and Yay Spring Cleaning…

I always, always, always catch “cabin fever” this time of year when seeing all the plants coming out at the garden/home improvement stores and my husband reminding me its too early for planting certain plants. I love visiting the Tractor Supply store and seeing the baby chickens…I have made up my mind we are going to have chickens this year. A couples years back we embarked upon “chicken farming” which is hard work and very rewarding.  I loved getting fresh eggs everyday, watching the mamma’s raising their young, seeing one of the hens dart across the yard to catch the prize bug.  Free entertainment!  However, we lost our chickens we think to a raccoon which was heartbreaking.  We improved our coop and will be getting more this year!

Also, it truly is the time of year for me (dreaded) Spring Cleaning-when warm weather gets here, I’m never in the house for longer than oh getting out of bed, brushing teeth, washing face, pouring cup of coffee, changing clothes, grab a quick breakfast and putting on flip flops-out the door lickety split!!! Robin and I love being outdoors and will stay out until late as possible.

So I must get the house ready for my spring/summer time fun….

I have included a few tips to get us started with a fresh smelling (ahhhh) clean feeling home!





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