Am I Rushing the Seasons? Are We Really Heading Into Spring?

Valentine wreath down and spring wreath up (first day of Spring March 20). I do enjoy changing out the decor for the seasons.  I’m in love with color especially this time of year when everything is new and fresh. I know in some parts the country you are experiencing very cold weather and lots and lots of snow.  Here in the south not so much. In fact, my daffodils are in full bloom (have been for 2 weeks), the trees are blooming, my Bradford pear has blooms coming out, my willow tree is getting green leaves (I know spring is near when my willow tree starts getting leaves and color), the birds have been singing while scouting out my front porch for nest making (frown) and the geese are coming back to the lake.  I’ve been itching to put all my porch decor back out but for some reason holding back. Maybe I’m expecting a snow??? Maybe I keep thinking it’s to soon….Next week’s weather will be in the 70’s! That will probably be the breaking point for additional outdoor decorating.

I find these wreaths inspirational and the COLOR….oh how refreshing!!


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