Could Cleaning Be Considered Therapy?

This past weekend, we took out all the kitchen cabinets and sink!  As of now, the only thing left is the fridge and stove.  Talk about a reality check-how do I wash up dishes or more importantly how do I cook!  I have a make do set up in the living room which is semi-working??? I will be washing dishes in my bathtub – the one very rarely used. Last night I was trying to imagine how it “use to be” without any conveniences of indoor appliances, running water and a bathroom.  How did people manage?  Oh you know the ending to that….life in no way stopped and definitely went on.  We have become very spoiled with our conveniences and that is ok, because we work hard for the joy we get out of life and the choices of our convenience or liking.

I am now drowning with anxiety – when my house is in disarray, I become a crazy, emotional, not making any sense kind of woman.  I learned recently I get it honest from my mom.  We both turn into a monster way worse than the wicked witch of the East, West, North or South!  My mind is in overload of thinking how to make the temporary arrangements work and now washing of the dishes, pots and pans – preparing meals!

So, I’m thinking for therapy (which is not my favorite way to deal with things) is to clean! I could go shopping but you know when I return home, everything will be waiting for me and may have (what seems like) multiplied while gone.  I think I will put on some jazzy music, get out the cleaning supplies, get lost in the smell of citrus, the sound of the vacuum cleaner and liquid dawn dish detergent….




2 thoughts on “Could Cleaning Be Considered Therapy?

  1. This girl is tired!! I moved everything out of the living room that wasn’t nailed down or too heavy for me to push or pull. I cleaned nooks and crannies galore! I put on Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin to name a few and let me tell you….the party got started. I know someone who should sleep well tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive!

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  2. I’m not sure if cleaning could be considered therapy but more of a distraction. I hope your new cabinets get put in soon and you have some of your conveniences in place. Kitchen remodels are the worst!


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