Winter is trying its best to hold on….

Winter has taken a slight turn for us here in the South.  Last week were in shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, windows open and mowing the grass.  With a blink and a nod, we have waken to heavy frosts, windy / brisk cold days and no more summer clothing!  It does make for an interesting and adventurous guessing game of what do I wear today.

I use to not like an all white anything – but I am proud to say that I love the color white. At one time, I had a white area rug in my living room but replaced it with a striped color one.  I do miss the white rug and am thinking of investing in another one.  It was very calming and so versatile with all my many decor changes.

The living room featured is magnificent.  The accessories are so complimentary and speaks volume of comfort.





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