Outdoor Grilling Station

I am fortunate enough to have what we call the “Tiki Bar” my handy dandy husband Robin built for us a few years back, that houses our grill, outdoor furniture, and a few more amenities…We have used this area countless times!  Before we built our Tiki Bar, our grill was out in the open weather.  We pretty much use our grill year round and I hated the thought of lugging an umbrella out to the grill holding on to it while trying to cook the meat, veggies and corn…you get the picture….It became an almost dreaded chore. Anybody looking for an outdoor grilling station and is not fortune enough to have a covered area/patio, large backyard or room for an outdoor kitchen.  This is a great set up!



2 thoughts on “Outdoor Grilling Station

    • I am so terribly sorry I do not have the blueprints for this grilling station. This was a post on my Facebook page and wanted to share it. But, you can find plans on YouTube and Google by searching Weber grilling cart plans. There are many options available. I hope this is helpful. Happy building and grilling.


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