Surprise! We’re Eating Dinner at Mom’s

Yesterday I picked Maleigh and Mia up from school and pre-school (wearing a ball cap, hair in ponytail). We get home start doing our daily routine snack, juice, talk about the day, Mia (2 yrs old) goes to the toy/bookcase cabinet picks out Toy Story 3, which has been seen numerous times too many to count, and Maleigh not approving.  We play, go outside then begin waiting for mom.  While waiting for mom Mia kept saying bye Nana bye-bye, she was ready to go home!

It was past time for Heather to pick the girls up and I was becoming concerned…. we were outside when she pulls in the driveway.  Heather is getting out of the car when I hear Maleigh start announcing we’re having pizza for dinner!  I start rounding kids up and see Heather walking toward me carrying the pizzas. I said what are you doing? She answers I was trying to surprise you but Holly (youngest daughter) is running late. She and I have decided to surprise you by eating dinner here tonight! Oh! I say, Heather! Look at me! my hair is a disaster, I need to wash it and I don’t have any makeup on! Heather replies mom, it’s just your kids and grand kids.  I’m thinking just…!!! I go into hostess mode.  I still need to feed the dogs – a thunderstorm coming in sky black, wind picking up. So I tell her, I’m going to feed the dogs and wash my hair while planning everything in my mind.  Dogs outside eating-check, run upstairs to wash my hair.  I yelled downstairs when will your sister be here?  “I don’t know” I hear.  Then I realize we don’t have ice (ice maker not hooked up, fridge still in dining room)…call your sister and tell her to bring ice -we’re out! Ok, ok, ok….no paper plates (UGH) let me think, let me think-oh yeah, I have all the plastic dishes I use when cooking/eating out in the tiki bar – check, bring dogs in (they have finished eating and are done with their business)-check, get table/chairs out for kids – check.  Mom will you calm down, its just us!  I know but I have to get things set up I don’t have a dining room or kitchen table, so I need to get things organized-check.

Putting on makeup, I hear coming up the stairs two little girls and one big girl deciding it would be a great idea to join mom and Nana keeping her company while getting ready. Mia standing in the bathroom with me decides she needs to brush her teeth. I’m not going to turn down her request so I stop what I am doing get her toothbrush and toothpaste out, Maleigh thinks it would be a good idea for her to brush her teeth as well, ok same process…I start drying my hair…now big girl (Heather lying on my bed watching all this going on)….when I hear her say hey mom do have….then I see Mia trying to climb on the sink to rinse her mouth – stop drying hair – um Heather….oh she’s fine…What! I’m screaming in my mind –  (Mia trying to put one foot on closed cabinet door and hands barely reaching the sink giving it all she could but getting no where). Maleigh was finished and skipped out of the bathroom…Mia now finished as well but, thinks she needs style her hair like Nana.  Pulling out hair brushes, combs, etc I say daughter, she calmly looks up from her phone and says yes….Do you mind getting your daughter so I can finish getting ready.  Mom, they are ok, you need to chill!  Sigh…(She was giving Robin play by play details of my excitement! This is not the first time these two have conspired against me!) …during all this time, I had a flashback of my mom’s face when we would “surprise” her with our presence…and during that flashback, I could read all of mom’s thoughts, facial expressions, and punctuation….Yep, I have come almost full circle as a mom.  

I get everything set up and joined Heather and the girls on the front porch. Holly and her family arrives.  A few minutes later Robin comes walking through the door and was bombarded by kids….the best kind of welcome home hugs anybody can get, they tackled him.  Robin and I were sitting at the table, Heather, Holly and Zack settled on the couch to watch a movie the kids playing with every toy they could get their hands on.  I was instructing Heather where to move things around so everyone would be more comfortable, she again reminds me to stop playing hostess, then proceeds to inform me that – you know the kids are going to pull all the toys out, we will leave soon and you get to clean up the mess!  Hey!! We laughed – it’s a good thing she was semi-kidding…..After half way through the movie Heather jumps up and says oh wow realizing the time, saying I’ve got to these two home!  We have school and work tomorrow.  So here we go…get your shoes on, pick up the toys, put this in the trash, tell Holly, Zack, Jo-Jo, Athena, Nana and Tata goodbye-of course getting much resistance from the girls-repeat (more than once).  Hugs were tight kisses were sweet.  First family off…about ten minutes later received more tight hugs and sweet kisses – second family off…

After everyone had left and sitting there letting the dust settled, Robin admitted to  knowing about the surprise. I said next time please let me know so I can be more prepared….nope not going to happen!

It was so very nice to see them I really did enjoy the surprise and their company.



2 thoughts on “Surprise! We’re Eating Dinner at Mom’s

  1. Mother, I love that every holiday is magical because of your amazing talent to take an empty room and make it an amazing work of art. I love that you are stunning, whether you’re all dolled up, in casual attire or in a flannel night gown and rain boots. I love that you are a planner/hostess when it comes to any kind of event, dinner, birthday, holiday, etc…. But sometimes is ok to remember that after my family has gone home, Holly’s family has gone home and you and Taco are sitting their exhausted after the kids have come in like a herd of elephants…. I guarantee how Nana’s hair was styled, what plates we ate our take out on, did Nana have mascara on or whether we sat at a card table or the dinner table is not what everyone remembers. Its the silly dance moves you do to make the kids laugh, the tickles you give them, the 8 million kisses, the drawing you did on the chalkboard, the conversation Mia had with Minnie Mouse (narrated by Nana) that they remember. It’s our conversation sitting on the porch about the progress of Maleigh’s room or the up coming celebration of Athena turning 1. We love you so very much, just spending time with the ones we love most is what we notice and remember. So next time we say surprise, just breath little chick…. you are perfect the way you are and the evening will be fantastic.

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