Second Guessing Myself…

Today I ventured out and sadly did not make it to some of my favorite shops.  However, I did stop by a thrift store that I seldom visit and while checking scouting out the place for a few treasures, I noticed a planked coffee table.  I am using some farmhouse decor in my kitchen to compliment my dining room table but, I am not using farmhouse decor throughout my house.  This table could easily fit in the farmhouse decor but I was thinking of painting it (I know I don’t enjoy painting)… looked to be in pretty good condition and with a reasonable price tag.  After giving it another look over, I thought, Robin could build this in no time.  I know we have the wood and everything needed for such a project.  With that thought in mind, I passed it up.  After getting back home it occurred to me that I probably should have bit the bullet, purchased it – notched off another (unknown to Robin projects) “Honey Do List” and be done with it.  I will probably give the store another visit tomorrow if it’s still there I know it was meant to be.  If not….I’m sure I will find something else.




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