Updated Spring Hearth Decor

I worked on the hearth decor (as mentioned in another post The Changes of Spring at The Robin’s Nest) and this is what I decided on for the right side hearth spring decor,  I really like it am and happy with it.


Robin brought the large light bulbs home after working in a old building.  I found them out in the garage/workshop and fell in love with them! I was trying to think of away to incorporate them into my decor and I think this works! I have 4 more to try and find a home.


Now you understand why I put something safe, out of all harms way – the toy/movie cabinet. (Ok maybe should rethink the light bulbs – hmmmm)


I really didn’t feature my coffee table decor in the last post so here a few close ups.

When I bought the small cloche candle, I didn’t see the “K” etched on the glass….our last name begins with “M”!  So, I’ve decided the K stands for KINDNESS! I guess I need to removed the jackets from the books.  I really don’t want to for two reasons, 1) I don’t want them scratched up (not that they’re valuable) and 2) I like the designs on the jackets.  We use cut tree branches for coasters.

If you haven’t noticed, I collect birds.  Actually, my daughter Heather has given me almost all the birds I have either as Mother’s Day, Birthday or Christmas gifts.


This past Christmas, I got the most wonderful gift from both girls.  A canvas of all the grand kids hands as cardinals (ages 5, 3, 2, 1 years old).  The BEST gift ever! Something I will treasure always.

That is my update and little extra for you.  I hope you enjoyed it.








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