April Showers Bring More Than May Flowers…

It’s official, rainy weather is upon us.  Monday rained all day.  Tuesday nice, Wednesday-Thursday severe weather and hopefully nice weather for the weekend.

Monday – stuck indoors trying to find something to occupy me – well I did.   I have created another mess! Why oh why?? What possessed me and my thoughts?  After picking Maleigh and Mia up from school and snack time, I thought it would be a good idea to put the legs on the sofas (never did it when we bought them???). Robin who was home due the weather, was in his workshop working on our kitchen cabinets (yay)!! came in the house to visit the girls and check out what we were doing when I suggest we put the legs on the sofa…..in agreement and excitement the girls yelled ok! The three of them thought this would be a good play time project.  They enjoyed helping their Tata holding the drill and legs while screwing them on and helping Nana vacuum the rug….after the girls left, I thought since we have the sectional separated why not rearrange furniture!!! I moved that furniture all over the room placed in every direction and nothing….it was getting late so I stopped and began preparing dinner for Robin and me.  We were looking at the semi layout of the furniture and are somewhat happy with it. The problem I have now is, where to put a 55 gallon fish tank, a large trunk (used for storage) and the grandfather clock that was temporarily moved to begin with! I moved the trunk (not sure it if its going to work there) to where the clock was sitting.  The fireplace is completely blocked by part of the sectional-hoping after moving the fish tank, it will work.

I told Robin last night I should have just left every thing as is….he laughs at me and says you will get it….I love his confidence in me.  We’ll see…



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