Three Little Winters – Redbud, Dogwood, and Blackberry

We Tennesseans base planting gardens and moving plants outdoors based on these three “cold spells” known as Redbud, Dogwood and Blackberry winter. Even though we have been experiencing 80 degree weather, it could turn coolish in a moments notice our garden plants could be lost in a split second.  We have had blizzards in late March early April (some crops damaged badly) to mild spring like winters (plants hardy with no damage).  We turn to our parents, grandparents and farmer’s almanac for guidance, such as I did today.  I called my mom and we both agreed that we should not have another hard frost but could have some cool overnight weather.  With that conversation in mind, I planted my seedlings outside as well as sowed a few more seeds in the garden.  I am hoping and asking for a bountiful crop of wonderful tasty veggies.  The redbuds were beautiful with the dogwoods in full bloom now and blackberry winter not to far behind.

Image result for redbud, dogwood, blackberry blooms

Redbud  Winter Early April

Image result for redbud, dogwood, blackberry blooms

Pink / White Dogwood Winter – Mid April

Image result for redbud, dogwood, blackberry blooms

 Blackberry Winter – Late April

Image result for redbud, dogwood, blackberry blooms

I have been working on my front porch and sadly I have to report, it breaks my heart, I have had to evict two finches nest from my spring/Easter wreaths. I’m really not a bad person and I love the birds.  I have bird houses out for them and left them other options for building a home-they are persistent and chose not to use convenient accommodations.  After feeling so guilty I finally decided to let them have one of my spring hanging arrangements and moved my Easter wreath. Happily, after making this decision and accepting the fact we will have new front porch guests, they moved on elsewhere.  If they decide to come back, I will let them stay.

Image result for red finch

I am itching to take my indoor plants outside but just as soon as I do, it will turn cold and boom – plants gone.  The plants complete my front porch and it always looks so homey and comfortable.  I am finding it harder and harder to stay indoors now.  I love being outside (until the thermostat bumps up to the upper 90’s) then I reconsider…usually during this time of year the inside of the house suffers and I become agitated, ill, moody and difficult to live with momentarily.  This seems to be the spring routine every year. Hmmm….

I have noticed my window winter view is almost completely blocked by a beautiful natural green canvas.  The trees are almost full with leaves.  I like this view and the assorted colors of green mixed with patches of blue and white.  I love watching the trees sway back and forth in the wind.  It is very peaceful and calming.

I hope everyone is getting to enjoy their spring season…





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