Vegetable Gardening A New Kind of “Yard Art” And A Bamboo Trellis

Each morning I take a look at my newly planted garden – nothing has changed, maybe plants have grown a centimeter over night….but, excitedly I check and inspect for any changes.  This being my first attempt at gardening as an adult, I decided on a small area.  If I become the garden guru well…I have a lot of room for gardening next year.  We surrounded our garden with concrete blocks – due to problems with moles – this way no digging a tunnel through my tomatoes!

After looking at several gardening designs I was amazed at how people no longer use the “old fashion plow a plot with rows and plant” (like we did as kids living on a farm) method.  Instead I found some beautifully creative gardens and could feature thousands but here are a few – (this first one may be what I do – you will understand why)

vintage kids modern world

House and Bloom


Lill Button 2


commmunity gardening


Dream Garden! It Even Has a Chicken Coop - Southern Living:

southern living

Potager garden, love the stone walled raised beds:

coffee lovin mom


We have an abundance of bamboo that is and will forever grow in our yard.  The owner who purchased the home back in the 20’s had it brought back from Panama (the country).  I am not sure what area of Panama it came from but this stuff is the most invasive, obtrusive, annoying plant to deal with.  It is impossible to keep it looking clean, neat and tidy.

.  Image result for bamboo growing in panama (country)  Giant Bamboo Shoots in Spring Info: About Giant Bamboo:

Image result for bamboo growing

Image result for bamboo growing

The roots grow on runners and will sprout any and everywhere.  It will take over everything.  We have at least 3 different species, with the predominately species growing (what seems like) to at least 100 feet within 2 weeks.  I loathe this stuff! Granted, we have used the bamboo in many ways such as our Tiki Bar roof, railing and a wall,  given it away FREE to anybody wanting it for a “cane fishing pole”, cut it down, burned it, repeat.  This year I will be using it as trellises for my squash and zucchini plants. But I would love for it to GO AWAY – for good!

I could go on venting about that bamboo  – but will take a moment to breathe….

For now, this is the beginning of our garden featuring that repulsively, hideous, “my thorn in the flesh” bamboo.

I can see that I have a little work cut out for me in designing a grandiose garden!




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