A Girl With An Open Mind…

Robin and I have talked about putting some of the removed cabinets from our kitchen makeover to other use such as – an outdoor kitchen or a much needed laundry room makeover.  I’m loving the laundry room makeover for several reasons.  1) I’ve never had a laundry room – much less one organized or decorated. The one I have now use to be a small back porch.  It’s big enough for my washer and dryer with a makeshift clothes rack for hanging winter coats.  It is small and narrow and has no pizzazz…

Robin mentioned that we could possibly start on it when finishing the kitchen (it is located directly off the kitchen).  Here are a few ideas of what I would like to try and/or accomplish in that room:

vintage door instead of barn door:

decorated mantel

Everybody comes to our back door when visiting!  (only strangers come to the front door) We really don’t have a foyer just a small walk through straight into the kitchen with the laundry room being the first thing you see when opening the back door.  I would love to hang a door for the laundry room (the entrance doorway is not standard size) and this would go with my kitchen decor!

I love this... hide it all.... @Kayla Barkett Barkett Barkett Barkett Merck:

a blissful nest

I have front loading appliances with pedestals, but the fuse box is directly above the dryer so we had to remove the pedestal (room not tall enough to stack them) and I don’t have much room to hang shelves or cabinets on the wall above the washer….I’m thinking this could be an alternative! We have an extra small cabinet that could work!



Love this!

Of course we will have to paint and remove the hanging shelf.  Actually no reconstruction needed – just “prettying it up”  and give it some TLC.

So, these are my thoughts for today.  I know I am nowhere close to starting this project but a girl can keep an open mind!


Laundry room. Front loading washer dryer, storage baskets for laundry detergent…:

home bunch

the window would be facing into the  backyard. The exterior door would be on the same wall as the washer and dryer.              My favorite look by far:


Laundry Room Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas:


I hope your Monday was grand and your week blessed.



3 thoughts on “A Girl With An Open Mind…

  1. It’s always good to visualize before you finalize your plan. Which one do you like the best? We always entered my grandma’s house by the side door. It just seemed more like family that way.

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