A Steady Rain, Clean Home and My Prince Charming

After hours of racking my brain for something to post – nothing….no I want this, would like that or need anything and everything pinned on Pinterest.  No how to’s, recipe, gardening or adventure stories.

It has rained all day, the kind of rain that makes everything gleam with a brilliant green.  You know the slow steady lazy kind.  I had this overwhelming urge to clean, clean, clean and that is just what I did.  Perhaps that is why my brain was “resting” – enjoying the weather and calmness of the day.

Robin was so encouraging and being the cheerleader that he is said, don’t give up….you will think of something and so I have –

The something I would most like to say is how blessed I am with an amazing, supportive, loving husband.  He always has my back and gets me.  He let’s me be me and has not for one second try to change anything about me.  He is a rare find and I thank God for him everyday.  It has been a joy watching him make our kitchen cabinets.  I love the smile in his eye I see when watching him cut that precise measurement, design the layout and adding his special touch and details to each piece.  I am so very fortunate to have found him for he is my Prince Charming.

With a heart full of love, a clean home and a rested mind, I would like to thank  you for visiting the nest today.




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