I Think We’re Gonna Need A Boat

I am by no means complaining about the rain!

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Last year we lost nearly 10,000 acres in the Chattanooga, TN area – nothing like Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge, TN.  The reality of knowing that you have no control over this situation and with the magnitude of such a powerful devastating force is both frightening and sombering.

Image result for images from the wildfires in signal mountain TN at night


It has steadily rained off and on for the past 2 weeks  – we are definitely well above drought level!


My flowers and garden – lovin’ it!  The geraniums are so heavy from the rain their blooms are breaking!  I had to rotate and move them back from the front of the porch…I have been alternating plants in and out for a good drink.

My yard a JUNGLE!  I haven’t got to mow or work in the yard!  I guess it’s a good thing though, we are still recuperating from last years dry weather and now my yard is looking green, plush.  Yes, it is going to seed but the way we see it….new grass!!


This is the view from my back door – my makeshift back patio until we get the stones placed with the pouring rain!!


Let’s not forget about that stinking bamboo!!! Vegetable Gardening A New Kind of “Yard Art” And A Bamboo Trellis.  Robin and I work so hard in this stuff cutting down new shoots and guess what, with all this rain they have tripled (aggravation with a long hard sigh).   This area was completely covered in bamboo – you could not see the road, our neighbors driveway or house, no homes up the street or the trees.  Robin worked for three months nonstop removing the bamboo by hand and didn’t put a “dent” in it.  I am determined to not let it grow back in this area!  The trees suffered tremendously from lack of proper sunshine – the bamboo was smothering them out.  It is amazing how nature compromises and finds a way to survive.  The trees grew in odd form or shape seeking a peek of the sun’s warmth and rays. They are saturated with water and I’m hoping they stay tall and hold strong in the ground.

My peonies were on their way to being once again beautiful now their blooms are lying on the ground.  They are my pride and joy, this breaks my heart.  I didn’t get a picture of them in their glory this year.


My rose is budding and blooming and have already taking a beating. This is a view from one side of the front porch.  The semi rock wall has been here as long as the house.  There are several homes in the area with this type wall.  We will be adding white pickets to the bare metal bars.  Unfortunately, the wall was hit and the columns were partially knocked down – so we will have to do some repairing before putting the pickets up.  That TO DO LIST never ends!

I wish all a blessed Sunday and wonderful week.

I would like to thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed your visit.





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