A Birds Song and Melody – My Music

I realize the music I love most is the melody of singing birds.  I love waking up to their songs in the mornings and listening to them while sitting or working outside.

Monday morning I was doing the daily routine with the dogs and checking out the garden when all of a sudden I hear a dense thump.  I looked up where something fell from the trees above me.  Then a bird flying past me swooped down to the grass dropping what I thought was stick or something for repairing her nest.  I walked over to the area where whatever it was fell looking around I saw it lying in the tall grass, a baby bird.  It was gone, asleep never to awaken again.  I was walking Scarlett back to toward the house, she paused began smelling the ground I looked to see what it was – another sleeping baby bird, gone-the something the flying bird dropped.  The only thing I could think of was the babies drowned in all the rain we have received this week – seven inches. That may not seem like much,  but we were already heading in the “drought” range. The rain put us up two inches above normal.

Me being a mother and Nana, watching too many Disney movies and reading children’s books…

Image result for disney movies collection

could only imagine the sorrow and heartbreak that mother Robin bird might have felt. I was overcome with such a sadness for her.  

I can only hope she gets to lay more eggs and become a mother.  

Image result for robin with babies



4 thoughts on “A Birds Song and Melody – My Music

  1. Mom!! No sad post ok? Geez, I’m sitting here at work, reading, thinking its going to be about a little birdie singing or something. Then before reading the post I see the picture of Disney princess so I’m thinking you had a Sleeping Beauty Moment, singing with the bird in the back yard, a Cinderella moment, the birds helped you water the garden, a Snow White moment, the bunnies and birds helped you clean something…. but no, I read that two little birds went to birdie heaven and are sleeping, never to wake up again…. so now I have this overwhelming feeling of sadness. Poor little birdies 😦

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