The Devastation of Changing Colors

I am not afraid of using color in my home, but I am started to lean toward a new look that does not speak my name to those who know me.  I’m learning to love black and white as a decor choice.  WHAT! some may say….yes it is true.  When my kitchen is completed, it will be done in white – cabinets, walls, trim all – WHITE.

Robin can not put his mind around the thought of all white.  He loves bright brilliant colors.  I have color inside and out of our home.  From bold reds, turquoise, orange and greens – to electric pinks, lime green, blues, purple and yellow.  To even think I ‘m entertaining the thought of just black and white could be devastating to him.

So, with that being said….here are a few choices that I am loving and think are gorgeous!


Black and white decor inspiration, this is the colors of my living room and bed room. But with red also:

simply stacie

BLACK and WHITE Pillow cover 18x18 you pick zigzag chevron damask ozborne traditions stripe canopy zebrathrow cushion sham Premier Prints on Etsy, $20.00:


I am excited to show you our newly updated laundry room! I am especially excited about the new tile floor from our sponsor, Joss and Ma...:

dear lillie

Tree Black and White Poster, Nature Art Print, Tree Art, Home Office Decor, Wall Art, Minimalist Design, Printable Poster,  Instant Download:


white walls monochrome black furniture decor sharp contrast how to:

better decorating bible

I have a table like that, I could move to the end of my bed. Time for some redecorating.:

style caster

Black and white bedroom with pops of lime green. Love the bench!:

country living

white cabinet with black counter tops:

silver pencils



Some pretty thoughts…..



3 thoughts on “The Devastation of Changing Colors

  1. Robin, I love your inspiration photos! Black and white is classic and always in style. To make your husband happy you can always add in a third pop of color–bright green, yellow, red, pink, or turquoise all work well. I can’t wait to see what you decide!

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