No motivation, Get up and go – got up and hit the door running

I can not, I repeat can not find the drive, will or determination to keep on top of cleaning the house. I mean really clean it. I feel like it’s almost pointless. We are living in such disarray that I turn around walk out the room and leave it for “tomorrow”. I have got to get my mind right and this house in order. I am beyond the point of frustration with myself. I have nothing or no one to blame but me.

Maybe Robin and I should go away for a weekend, take a break and reset ourselves. We are constantly reminded of everything that needs to be done, fixed, replaced or updated and it is wearing us out! Don’t​ get me wrong, we love our home and being homeowners, it’s just I would love to see a dent put in, projects marked off on all that we see needs addressing.

I’m thinking a get away may be the solution.



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