Chattanooga, Tennessee

While driving downtown Friday, it occurred to me that I should write about the beautiful city I live in and call home.

We don’t have a large city but we offer so many activities and amenities in beautiful Chattanooga.  Such as the Aquarium, Zoo, Discovery Museum. A Chattanooga Lookouts baseball game, haunted ghost tours, the Riverwalk, a Riverboat ride, free outdoor concerts.  A leisure walk in the buzzing downtown district, antique and unique quaint shops…ending the day enjoying a quiet evening of dinning. (so much more too many to list)


Chattanooga, a city in southeastern Tennessee, is set along the Tennessee River in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Its trolley like Incline Railway scales steep Lookout Mountain before reaching Ruby Falls waterfall and Rock City, featuring sweeping views, sandstone formations and gardens. Point Park, also atop Lookout, marks the site of a Civil War battle now honored at the Battles for Chattanooga Museum.

Saturday – April 29, the Chattanooga Market opens and it is one of my favorite venues to visit.  It features local and not so far away locals art, crafts, foods – and is open on the weekends only thru December.  The aroma of wonderfully prepared food coming from every corner, the fresh squeezed lemonade and music makes for a perfect day!!  This weekend the market will be featuring and celebrating Moon Pie’s 100th birthday As Tennessee Home&Farm Put It “Truly Tennessee” and fresh cut locally grown flowers – oh! I am so excited!!


Now for some more adventure –

Lover's Leap at Rock CityRock City  will amaze you…it’s in our nature! Located atop Lookout Mountain, just 6 miles from downtown Chattanooga, Rock City is a true marvel of nature featuring massive ancient rock formations, gardens with over 400 native plant species, and breathtaking “See 7 States” panoramic views.

(See the people standing on the cliff!!  This view is breath taking.  I have stood there many times.  The excitement or thrill of looking over mountain and on to the city never changes.)

rock city bird house

Take an unforgettable journey along the Enchanted Trail where each step reveals natural beauty and wonders along the woodland path. Experience the magic of Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village, visit one of our regional gift shops and dine at the Big Rock Grill. Rock City is splendid year-round – “Each season there’s a new reason to visit!”

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls, In 1928, Leo Lambert and a team of excavators found a breathtaking waterfall located over 1,120 feet below the surface of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN. Lambert named the falls after his wife, Ruby, and opened the area as a public attraction in 1930. Today, Ruby Falls welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Come tour the falls for yourself and see why it has been one of the best Chattanooga attractions for over 85 years.

Yes, I have been to this waterfall and I will be completely honest with you, I was terrified!! First of all you have to remember you are in an 1,120 feet underground cave!! I’m not sure if they still do this but when I visited the falls – the lights were turned off (for a few seconds – seemed like an eternity) so you can experience the “darkness”.  I panicked!! After regaining control and composure – I can tell you this is an amazing creation of nature.

These are just a few with oh so many more features / attraction of our city.  I didn’t even scratch the surface!! I didn’t focus on historic home or landmarks, restaurants or popular bars, hiking trails, great shopping locations…The links definitely provides more info just in case your curiosity gets the best of you-wink.

Image result for what to do in chattanooga


I want to visit downtown and the weather man is predicting a very humid 90 degree Saturday!! That freshly squeezed lemonade would be a well deserved beverage!!  Robin has to work Saturday, ugh! Maybe we can venture out on Sunday!

I have provided additional images for you to enjoy –

  • The Aquarium / Riverboat the Southern Belle
  • Horse Carriage Ride leaving the Choo Choo
  • The Chattanooga Choo Choo
  • The Dome Inside tbe Choo Choo
  • Coolidge Park with the antique carousel
  • Point Park at Lookout Mountain Battlefield
  • Chattanooga Incline and vintage photo
  • Chattanooga Zoo
  • AT&T Field  – Chattanooga Lookouts
  • Hunter Arts Building with winding stairway
  • Winding stairway at night
  • Hunter Mansion Museum with glass bridge
  • Hot Air Balloon Festival


Ok had to throw this in just for laughs!!

With the national spotlight shining ever so brightly on Chattanooga these days because of our super-fast Internet, entrepreneurial climate, arts scene, outdoor activities, super-fast Internet, super-fast Internet and, um, super-fast Internet, it’s probably a good idea to take a moment to make sure everyone is on the same page about how to pronounce the name of our fair city.

Consider the following rules of thumb:

—As locals and longtime residents know, “Chattanooga” contains four syllables and is pronounced “Cha-duh-NOO-guh.” The soft “d” sound is the key.

—”Cha-tuh-NOO-guh” is close, but not quite right.

—”Cha-TUH-noo-guh” is even more awkward.

—Nothing says, “I’ve never been to Chattanooga” quite like saying “CHATT-noo-guh.”



I had a lot fun writing this post and hope you enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful fun filled weekend~



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