A Burning Question of “What Would You Do?”

So I bought a lottery ticket and with baited breath am hoping to win! What would I do with the winnings you ask?

For starters pay off the house and purchase two reliable vehicles. We have no credit card debt, our vehicle is 7 years old, paid for but it’s all we got!

I have given a tremendous amount of thought in answering my question:

1) I would adopt a child-maybe two!

Image result for adoption

This is Robin’s first marriage (my second) – after two surgeries,  we should by all medical reasons have children but we have been unsuccessful with no hope now.


2) Purchase an established farm with a RED BARN!! Image result for farmhouse with a red barn

I was raised on a farm and boy how I miss those days. We were poor but being kids didn’t realize how poor, in my mind we were rich!  Looking back I have to agree that we were rich with love, sticking “up for” and :together as a family, lots of laughter and now good memories.  My mother is the glue of our family, she made home our safe haven. Dad made provisions but mom was and still is the key.  I want so badly and to the best of my ability be just like her in everything I do.

3) Help those in need.

Image result for helping others in need


4) Give to organizations

Image result for givethat serve a purpose in life that counts and makes a difference.

5) Travel? – probably not. I would be to busy in my garden and taking care of animals.  BUT…
Image result for disneyland

I would not be opposed to a vacation to Disney land with my grand kids or some place fun!

6) Of course –

Image result for lottery

save, save, save.

My husband got home very late after a long, long hard day at work.  I looked at him with all the love in my heart and soul and thought to myself, oh how I wished this wonderful man did not have to work in the outside elements all day.  I couldn’t hold back the tears.  I would love for him to have his dream job doing what he loves – it wouldn’t matter to me just as long as he was happy.  He comes home exhausted and I’ve never heard him complain. I am so very thankful to have someone who wants and is willing to provide for his family.

These are just a few thoughts with a few personal issues to address but it looks like a pretty good start! So, come on lady luck please help a girl out.



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