The Rain Washed All My Blooms Away

I have been noticing photos of lovely fresh cut bouquets from home gardens posted on blogs I follow and am so insanely jealous! We have received and still getting so much rain here that my peony and rose blooms were badly damaged.  I did not get the chance to pick the peonies for any type of arrangement nor enjoy their blooms in full force. Everything is under water…..ugh the mud, mud, mud!


(last year’s blooms!)

So I marched myself to the back of our property cut some trimmings from the japanese privet and was pleasantly surprise with honeysuckle entwined with the privet!  On the way back inside I saw the bamboo coming up with new branches on the young shoots so I cut some of them as well.

Before forging on with my project –

I stopped for a moment to admire my hosta plants.  They are doing beautifully this year!! (oh my poor flamingo – I need to repaint her!)

This is the finished product – it is lacking color but, the aroma is nice and I get to enjoy some fresh cut flowers.



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