All Over The Decorating Spectrum….

As I have mentioned before and on my makeover posts, I have a somewhat eclectic style home decor.  During my early twenties I fell in love with the shabby chic/cottage style (while mixing in with country – the good ‘ole time style), my thirties the traditional style, my forties – I would almost say Tuscan to eclectic style and now that I have discovered the fifties – the eclectic farmhouse/scandinavian /classic black and white.  Wow – that is what I call “all over the decorating spectrum”….

I recently posted how much I am learning to love black and white, and the more I research additional decorating ideas for our kitchen, the more I am loving the Scandinavian style – the use of natural elements, clean lines and simple design to go along with black and white.

For years I used to think every wall, table, blank space, nook and cranny should be decorated!! After dusting all that intricately detailed “what-not” collection, patching nail holes from all those wall hangings, tripping over too much furniture, packing and unpacking multiple boxes for seasonal decor….I am beginning to enjoy the concept “less is more”.  I love the airy, openness, light filled, breeze flowing feel.  The stuffy, bulging, uncomfortable, can’t breath feeling is becoming a thing of my past.  I still have some purging to do and giving up some of the decor bulge…..Until I do, here are a few of my favorite and what I consider Scandinavian decorated rooms….


swedish summerhouse:


With its barely there touch of cream, Shell is a shade you'll never tire of.:


Vibeke Svenningsen

I follow Vibeke’s  Pinterest and blog – her decor is stunning, breathtaking.

My Scandinavian Home is another exquisite decorating blog I follow.

After looking back at these images I guess you could say that I still have a little of the shabby chic, some classic black and white and always eclectic styles in me.

What thrills me the most is our kitchen is still in rough form – lower cabinets installed, pantry / fridge built in almost complete, floors are done. The butcher block counter tops, upper cabinets, open shelves and hardware are waiting for installation – I am starting with a clean slate and really get to use these decor ideals!

Have a wonderful and blessed evening.





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