Could It Be? Oscar Worthy?

I have been struggling over the past few days of coming up with an Oscar worthy post – ok not Oscar worthy – just a post.   My recent posts to me, have been amazing. I really enjoyed writing them and was in a light-hearted, fun, amusing mind set.

All of sudden BAM – SMACK – CRASH – EXPLOSIVE BOOM – out of nowhere comes full on nonstop depression.  I usually can push it to the side and not let it get the best of me, but it’s got me and I’m having a difficult time shaking it off.  I started Friday morning writing and had to stop because the post was becoming something full of anger and hate, something  I do not want my blog / posts to become or be about.

I don’t live in a Beaver Clever world but, for the most part of my life with Robin, it has been just that …he turned my life upside down in the most crazy wonderful kind of way.  Trust me, we have our “bad moments” but I can honestly say – those “moments” are so far and few that it makes our relationship, marriage and life seem almost to good to be true.

He has been asking me if I written anything.  This morning he asked the same question looked at the empty computer screen and smiled that smiled, I had to laugh.  He started naming off things to write about – so here goes a few things that has been going on this weekend.

My daughters were offered a vacation in Hilton Head with their father-the ex, his wife and family during the memorial day weekend.  About a month after vacation plans were final Heather asked if I could go to their house (two times a day) feed their dogs and make sure they have water.  One of their dogs Chaca (like Shaka Kan) is a fence jumper and half the time is running free – that face screaming FREEDOM!!!  The other (Scooter) is running free just because he doesn’t want to be left behind.  I’m thinking it would probably be better if the two would stay at our house our dog pen.  That way I could keep a better watch on them.  (Robin worked on the pen making sure Chaca couldn’t possible jump out).

Here they show up Thursday evening.  After the good-byes, observing if Chaca was going to jump out – Heather was satisfied all was going to be ok and left.  I am concerned about Chaca escaping, constantly checked on them.  They became very familiar with me constantly checking and thought it was a game.  When Robin arrived home, they the two dogs had decided they were my protector…growling, barking and letting him know he wasn’t suppose to be there.  I said hold on ran inside got a treat handed them to him and you would have thought the three of them were lifelong best friends!!  Well let me tell ya – those two dogs barked until 3:00am Friday – ugh miserable and tired Robin got up and made his way to work.  I was beyond frustrated with these two darling dogs and made it my mission to keep them awake all day Friday.  I thought mission accomplished but no – insert anger face, they barked until 1:00am!  Saturday they seemed to be adjusted and becoming more settled with this new temporary arrangement. They didn’t bark that evening which was reassuring!

Scooter probably even more confused, because I think his name should be Booger and so Booger is what I’ve been calling him when trying to get him to stop barking….is terrified of storms, Saturday night around midnight – a massive storm. The pouring rain, loud rumbling-clapping thunder, blinding lighting was intense. Oh no!!! So here we (Robin and I) go outside wrapped up in coats, boots, hats, me an umbrella and flashlight – calming medication in hand and ready for Scooter makes a run for the pen.  Robin who is very much a pet loving kind of guy, grabs one of the dog houses for Scooter to hide in. Here we are trying to get in the pen with two frighten dogs – Robin with dog house manages to get in I go running back inside to get some treats for them because well feel so bad for them.  Robin came running out behind me and gets the other dog house for Chaca.  Here we are giving them the treats telling them we’re so sorry and how terrible we feel, how much we love them, this is the best we can do for now and good night.

Just a quick recap – the pen we have is for our two dogs, Rango and Scarlett.  It is partially covered with a shingled/rubber roof – Robin doesn’t do anything half way-and the other side is open.  Our dogs live indoors and unfortunately rule their kingdom and absolutely will not tolerate any intruders, visitors or other animals. Chaca and Scooter are outside dogs but have a garage they can get in when it’s storming – we don’t have that as an option.  Our garage is detached and has been turned into a workshop – packed full!!

Holly texts me two days before leaving and asks if her dog could stay with me. (mmm, mmm, mmm).  Beanz a dachshund, now an old man has never spent a day outside in his life.  Holly got him for her birthday and treated him like a baby and still does.  She wanted a dog to carry around in a pocketbook, which she did.  She paints his toenails – even though he is a boy and use to dress him up.  A few things changed after she had her children but he still is spoiled.

Thursday night a couple hours after the other dogs were dropped off – here comes Beanz – he was very much happy to see us and let us know just how happy.

Anyway, after all were gone, house quiet and time for bed – Beanz starts this wailing, yelping that lasted almost all night! I think he sleeps with Holly not sure -but not with this woman! Great! I have two dogs outside barking nonstop, another dog wailing like his life is coming to an end, and our two dogs decide to start barking running like two crazy somethings around the house.  I get up put them in our room, dared them to make a noise, go outside check on the other two-they were fine and told Beanz to go to asleep!! Get in the bed feel a sting a STINKING TICK BIT ME WHILE CRAWLING ON MY BACK!!!

Remember I said Beanz was an old man?  He has become incontinence and is best if taken out at least 1-2+ times within an hour.  Bless his sweet heart he will urinate at least 4-5 times each outing – but the devil is using ALL MY PLANTS for a urinal! It’s a process for bathroom breaks-my two dogs rule their kingdom.

Friday morning Beanz starts whinning, I found a radio turned it on.  I was searching for a station I heard a song playing that my Dad use to sing so I left it on the gospel station.  It seemed to calm Beanz down A LOT I think because of 1) the praise music is really nice and 2) the preaching – a mans voice, he loves being around people.  I left in on all night Friday night and he slept-all night. AAAHHH

Well this story has definitely gone on for way to long – sorry.  Let’s get to the ending.  Sunday morning Chaca and Scooter were safe and dry at feeding.  They survived the storm and we were beyond thrilled.  Beanz – may at last get saved. He likes the station I found as well as enjoyed my company while writing this never ending, rambling post and our dogs can not wait to get back to a normal life!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend loaded lots of fun with family, friends, and pets!!



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  1. Girl, feel free to ramble any time. That’s what the blog is for sometimes! Sounds like you had a very eventful weekend haha. Still want to dog sit next time?? 😂

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