Did She Say Something….

I started this post early today but was interrupted several times- started back writing then remembered I needed to start cooking the dried beans and put the meat in the oven for a slow cooked meal tonight-done.  While in that process daughter shows up with grand kids for a we’re home from vacation visit.

Approximately 4:00-4:15pm today, Wednesday, all dogs left our home and are with their owners.  I am back to my two dogs, aaaahhh. After Heather, kids and dogs left, I fed our dogs, cleaned the waste from the now empty pen (will have to really clean the pen later). One of Heather’s dog a male, not neutered, marked that area the whole 6 days he was here and let’s just say if you’ve never been around that odor – oh my goodness NAUSEATING!  I have my weekend planned out – snarl!

Back to what I started this morning…..

Image result for summer vacation

Most people are celebrating the unofficial start to summer.  Me, I’m thinking five more months and I will be decorating this place for Christmas!  I told this to Robin yesterday while eating dinner, he imitating spewing his bite of food from a half laugh/half choking gesture – hmmmmm looked at me like I had completely lost my mind.  No, I have not lost my mind and….

Image result for schedule

yes, I have a decorating schedule that is pretty much set up like this – 4th of July a few patriotic decoration on the porch, end of August / first of September FALL goes up inside only, mid September Fall outside on porch – October 1 Halloween outside – not inside (still Fall) Nov 1 ALL Halloween/Fall both inside/outside comes down and CHRISTMAS goes up!!  I have about 20 large totes, 4 large garbage cans (holds my wreaths, garlands, etc) and several trees so I have to get an early start.  Last year I was literally putting up one of those many trees on Nov. 1.

You’re probably thinking why on earth is this crazy nut job of a woman writing about decorating for the holidays now??? Pintrest, of course! I was perusing the many pages when I saw a bedroom decked out in plaid for Christmas and I’m stuck for something interesting ok at this point anything to write about…

Image result for summer sun and flowers

I enjoy summer especially the sun!! I enjoy the birds singing, the flowers blooming and am anxiously awaiting for my veggies to start coming in ….. so why am I not thinking about a summer vacation, bathing suits, tropical drinks, the beach a swimming pool??? First of all – you DO NOT and IT IS NOT SAFE for your health want to see this body in shorts/tank top much less a bathing suit!! I would love to do a summer vacation but have no clue where I would want to go. No place exciting comes to mind. Robin usually takes his vacation pay but works and not take time off.  Therefore, we don’t do a vacation.

I realize this is an odd post and you might think I just put something out there for the sake of “blogging” I get what you’re thinking…… I was hesitant about hitting that publish button but, I did and this my friends is what you are getting from me today!


I just would say...go on a post holiday depression holiday:

Happy summer vacation planning, happy exhaustion from the traveling, happy broke from preparing to go on vacation and then from spending too much money while on vacation, happy trying to recuperate for the next work day and trying to catch up….

Image result for i'm dreaming of a white christmas

I’ll just sit here and continue to decorate for the holidays (in my mind) 😉



30 thoughts on “Did She Say Something….

  1. My husband does the same thing! Like whats the point of taking vacation time if you only plan to work your vacation?? Hopefully I can coax him to Florida this year!

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  2. There should be more buttons along with the LIKE button. I want a “WHAT?” button. So that’s what you get Robin. WHAT?! I’ve heard of Christmas in July. I dread the carols on Halloween. Black Friday, sure. Returns the first week of January? If we must. But planning Christmas decorations on the last day of May is just, just, just WHAT?!!!!!

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  3. just try to hold off playing Christmas music till at least late July. It would only encourage my bride that some other person with a literary bent is not just planning out decorating but playing the season’s music five months early!!!

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