Friends for Days

I think friendship in an important ingredient to a happy life. I would like to thank James for including me in this tag.  James has a wonderful blog, This Is My Truth Now  written with complete honesty, sincerity and an indepth knowledge of books.  You must read his blog – it is truly amazing. Also please…


I thought I would do a little different morning greeting – you know that subliminal message…..that one thought that gets stuck in your head….the most delectable, sinfully delicious, heavenly concoction …. CHOCOLATE! Yummy!!  I hope you enjoy 🙂

Wonderful Peace

I’m sitting here at home with all the windows open enjoying a cool breeze – yes a cool breeze at the end of June in the South, and an overcast sky.  The birds are singing a joyful melody, dogs talking to each other, the occasional sound of children laughing while playing outdoors makes for a…

It’s Gonna Be A Great Day

Woke up to a delightful 56 degrees this morning – ahhhh the cool crisp air feels nice in the lungs 🙂 .  I can not believe it’s the end of June and we’re halfway through the year.  Why does time have to pass by so fast?  I remember when I was younger one year seemed…

Enough Said

Tonight’s meal consisted of grilled meat, fresh veggies which included three walk out the back door into the garden – snip, snip, snip voila beautiful yellow squash! As I was chopping them up naturally I had to taste one before adding any seasoning, now I completely understand why Rango devoured them –