Ya Gotta Have Friends….

After yesterday’s post regarding decorating for Christmas and not planning a summer vacation, which by the way sparked some very funny comments and thoughts….and my husband suggesting I leave the house for inspiration ….. I thought I would try a new approach for writing!

After reading Roda’s Furry & Feathered Friend’s on Growing Self this morning, I thought I would give The Daily Post challenge a try.  So here goes.

(A-hem) clearing throat

As mentioned, I attended 8, yes eight different elementary schools and 3, again three different high schools.  I never had the chance to make a “friend” much less a best friend you know, the kind that you start out with at the beginning of school life and graduating with them at the end of school life.  That one person you can count on to be your partner in crime, lie through their teeth along side you while praying you don’t get grounded for life, the one who laughs hysterically as you’re falling down the steps ….. I dreamed of having that kind of friend/best friend and learning very quickly it wasn’t going to happen so, I turned to the next best thing…

My first best friend came to me wearing a beautiful gleaming red coat with perfectly flowing auburn hair and possessed all the grace and beauty I had ever seen. Backing somewhat hesitantly out of the trailer with scared eyes wide as softballs, the look of panic and fear from not knowing what just happened to her life, I knew who was going to be my best friend.

She was three years old never left her home until now….Now in some strange place with unfamiliar voices, everything crashing all around her…her entire world turned upside down.  When I laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight, I was breathless at how majestic and magical she looked standing there in the field outside our barn. I knew in my heart that she was for me as I was for her.  With sheer excitement and caution, I walked up to her, letting her smell my hand as I slowly reached up toward her face, all the while reassuring and promising that I would take care of her forever.  That day RoEllen and I made a bond that remained strong and true until the day I had to tell her goodbye.


RoEllen and Brown Eddy.jpg

This is the only good photo I have my of best friend RoEllen with her first colt – Brown Eddy – I wished it was in color.

Many, many years later and finding myself once again without a best friend, this sweet little guy Jackson came into my life and remained my best friend for his lifetime.

I can now say that I have a human best friend, my husband Robin.  He has helped me through so much.  He is my strength, my weakness, my partner, my companion, my soul mate, my happy ever after…..

It took us a long time to find each other but well worth the wait!


Last but certainly not least, I don’t want to leave out the fact that I have made some wonderful blogging friends and can only hope to meet them in person one day.  Image result for friends quotes

I love you all for your support, encouragement, wittiness and know that I can always count on you for a smile, happy tear, hearty laugh and a heartfelt thank you – To Friends!!




12 thoughts on “Ya Gotta Have Friends….

  1. You and Robin are #relationshipgoals!!! LOVE! You did a good job for your first daily post post. 🙂 Maybe we will get to meet in real life some day! There are definitely a couple of bloggers I’m adding their hometowns to my bucket list haha

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  2. Awe this so so beautiful and it truly warmed my heart. Even though we have never met, I believe our spirits are connected and I’m happy for you. What a beautiful couple and what adorable fur babies. I’m happy our paths have crossed my dear friend and it is people like you making all the difference. Hugs.xo

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