It’s What I Do And Part Of Who I Am


Some people read, write, draw, exercise, garden, cook (to name a few) as a hobby. Me I decorate, crafting, make things….

Sunday Robin and I put an enclosure around our garden to keep the critters out. As we were working hard on this project, I was decorating the crazy thing in my head!  I’m thinking hanging flower baskets, wind chimes and a wreath!  I tell Robin my thoughts.  Now, he really isn’t surprised by my wild hair ideas any more – he just smiles.  He knows I’m constantly decorating holiday or non-holiday something – I mean constantly whether in real time or my mind.

Today I’m in the purple room (my happy place) where I work on my blog, make wreaths, grand daughters hair bows, etc.  I began thinking about a wreath for the garden enclosure (really, really). I wanted to make sure what ever I used would be weather proof – drum roll please….

Ta-Da this is what I came up with! I used an old water hose we had lying around with some left over spring florals and ribbon.  I think it turned out great and love it on my garden gate! 🙂


garden wreath


20170607_105309(the plants are dusted because a pesky insect ate a whole squash leaf!)

Well that didn’t take long at all….now what?  What to do, what to do?!?


Last year Heather gave me a box of gorgeous glass Christmas ornaments. There wasn’t very many and I didn’t have a tree that size.  The house was completely decorated for Christmas and I did not want to spend any money on another tree so, I did the next best thing – I turned to Pinterest….there it was plain and simple!  I made a “tree” from left over garland and one tomato cage!! Perfect!!

I had to mention the tomato cage tree due to the burning question – “What to do now?”

Penny – who expressed her concern for my lack of flair (read the comments) of 4th of July decorations, inspired me to come up with this! (excuse the mess)

patriotic tree

That’s right a patriotic tree (my tomato cage tree)! I may or may not be finished with it – but for now I think it’s neat and will be the perfect addition to my patriotic porch.

The buntings are bought and more than likely will be up this weekend as well as the other decorations…..Thank you Linda for your support, concern and motivated inspiration.

I probably should have taken Robin’s advice and go walking downtown…..too much time and decorating thinking on my hands 😉

I hope you everyone had a great day and a delightful evening.




17 thoughts on “It’s What I Do And Part Of Who I Am

  1. What is it they say in England? I’m gobsmacked! First off, the hose wreath. It’s inspired! I’m little worried about the ribbon out in the elements, but what a great idea. Oh oh oh! Can you imagine it with tiny plant pots of growing herbs? Damn it! Now you have me thinking of hose wreaths and I’m not even a decorator like you are!

    And now for the patriotic tree. Wow! She actually gave you ornaments with stars on them? How serendipitous! The use of the tomato cage is awesome! Again, not a decorator here, but I am fully behind this novel idea!

    Tata is gonna kill me, but what are you going to do for Labor Day? *ducks*

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