Fire Ants and Sharp Objects

via Daily Prompt: Tender

I have been rather busy these past few days.  Yesterday I went to the butcher’s market and bought some wonderful cuts of red meat.  This morning separating and preparing the meats for dinner and freezer (I hate putting fresh meat in the freezer)….anyway I was working away ripping paper, wrapping meat, ripping more paper,  slicing the side of my finger – ouch!!! It bled something terrible!  Not only is it tender but extremely sore!

I’ve been creating 4th of July decorations for the front porch.  In addition to my patriotic tree, I’ve made 2 wreaths and a mailbox swag.  Today, while standing in front of the mailbox measuring the swag my foot was attacked by fire ants!! Pain, swollen and tender!  Between tick bites, chigger bites now fire ant stings; I think I will stay in the house avoid using any and all sharp objects, until it’s cold again.

Have a great weekend!



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