Decked Out And Waiting For The 4th of July

As promised, I got our front porch decorated for the 4th of July over the weekend! I still need to decorate the mailbox and front gate – but I managed to put a few decorations up on the back yard patio but am not finished.  I will be wrapping all the decorating up very soon! (rain in the forecast for the next few days…I’m using paper lanterns under my patio table umbrella out back so putting that off until last minute).

I have said many times, I am not a professional photographer, not even a mediocre one.  These photos really do not do our home or porch justice.

Any-who….here ya go


This is walking up the front side walk to the front door


This is the left side of the porch – where I used traditional red, white and blue.  All I had to do was cover my brightly floral pattern wicker sofa cushions with a beach towel – everything else on this side is done in red! Oh and replaced the throw cushions and/or covered them with coordinating bandannas 🙂


 This is the right side of the porch where I used red, white and turquoise blue to match the decor I have on this side of the porch (I covered the bright green/white swing cushions with a red bath sheet towel, replaced the green and white rocking chair cushions with old bed pillows tucked in a red, white and gray striped pillow case! (I replaced the bunny with a turquoise owl shown in the third photo, and added red, white and blue stars in the side window by the door as well as an America wood sign on the trellis above the owl).

Our next awaiting project for us is the front porch – it is in desperate need of updating and repairs.  Living in an old home is very costly, time consuming and loaded with never ending projects and/or upkeep.  We love living here and will eventually get the major repairs needing done – done!

FYI – in case your were wondering, we replaced the shutters with black trellises because, well because Robin and I are different like that 🙂  – ok I have to give all the credit and brilliant idea to Robin.  He total got it and was clearly thinking outside of the box – high five!

I will include more of my non-professional or non-mediocre photos of the finishing touches when I get them done!

Have a wonderful day, evening and weekend!!



14 thoughts on “Decked Out And Waiting For The 4th of July

  1. I need your enthusiasm and decorating touch for the front of my home! I have a couple flags, and a welcome dog, with seasonally interchangeable hats and signs as my most conspicuous decorating touch.

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