It’s Gonna Be A Great Day

Woke up to a delightful 56 degrees this morning – ahhhh the cool crisp air feels nice in the lungs 🙂 .  I can not believe it’s the end of June and we’re halfway through the year.  Why does time have to pass by so fast?  I remember when I was younger one year seemed like 20. Summer break would never get here, my birthday took way, way to long for it’s arrival and the holidays oh they were never coming!!  All I have to do now is turn around twice and it seems like the seasons are running into each other!  I still get excited about birthdays, summer break and holidays…they just seem to get here so very quickly and disappear even more quick with each time.

Robin and I had a wonderful three day weekend (he missed work Friday due to rain). We worked on the kitchen (I say we but Robin did all the work – I put a screw in here or there, cleaned up little messes, held the measuring tape or help move something) but, we were together enjoying each other’s company.   At the end of our day Sunday I was looking around our kitchen at all the hard work that has been done and teared up.  It is beyond perfect and is my dream come true.  Just knowing that this project has been a true labor of love – makes my heart swell with an enormous amount of pride, love and gratitude. Heather came by earlier this past week and could not believe how beautiful it is at the stage of almost completion.  Robin still has a bit more of work to do but the bulk, hard, tedious, time consuming part is done. I told him I wished I could have done more to help, he smiled and said that’s ok.  I said yeah but I get the easy part I get to decorate it! Then I thought out loud oh yeah, and keep these white walls, white cabinets, white door facings clean!  Ooh I do have my work cut out for me!!

Taking advantage of this crisp morning working out in the garden, I realized a few several mistakes I made and boy have I learned a big lesson when growing certain veggies!   I tell each plant how much I appreciate them growing, how pretty they are and am thankful for the food they will be providing for us. Yes, I talked to my plants 🙂 .  Well they must enjoy my little conversation with them because they are thriving like crazy!! But, next year I will have to rethink where to place them in their layout.  I couldn’t be happier with the results and hope to share my bounty with others and if I’m still a stay at home wife next year I think I will plant a bigger garden! I have been so very pleased with this one.

Yep, today is gonna be a good day – feeling blessed, love and grateful.



23 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be A Great Day

  1. Yay! And talking to plants is perfectly acceptable. I think they like the encouragement! I talked to a house plant that started to look like it was dying and now it’s thriving again! 😀

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