Friends for Days

I think friendship in an important ingredient to a happy life.

I would like to thank James for including me in this tag.  James has a wonderful blog, This Is My Truth Now  written with complete honesty, sincerity and an indepth knowledge of books.  You must read his blog – it is truly amazing.

Also please check out Cheila from pinkfordays who created this tag!

The rules:

  • Say who created the tag and provide a link to their blog.
  • Do a blog post showing your Tag.
  • Add the logo to the post.
  • Always thank the person who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and, if you like, say something positive and supportive about their blog.
  • Choose 5 bloggers that you don’t know very well or that are just starting their blog.
  • Go over to their blogs and read a few posts, like and comment.
  • Say 3 things you love about their blogs; (3 things for each blogger)
  • Those 5 bloggers are automatically nominated to do the same.
  • Nominate two bloggers who have been doing this for a longer time! Don’t forget to let them know you’re nominated them!


My nominees are: I chose three new bloggers because to me they have wonderful, stunning, amazing blogs and I am just getting to know who they are.  – Maria is just getting started with blogging and has a very interesting “about me” statement such as : I am singer, a poet and a lyricist….I love how she has starts out by saying Life, Family, Good Food.  – Himanshi Shukl, in her words  “A bewildered teenager lost in her own world…” Himanshi writes with compassion, honesty and from the heart! Her motto is Dream-Believe-Achieve. – Mallika is a 21st century housewife and according to her – something considered a “rare breed” these days. I come from a little town of India called Indore and if there’s one thing that ‘Indore’ and ‘Indoris’ are famous for, it’s the love of FOOD.  Mallika loves to cook for friends, family with a passion best described as an enjoyed activity. – Her blog is beautiful, scrumptious images and delectable recipes.

I apologize for getting this post up sooooo late!  I have been having some computers issues and I’m back on “babysitting” duty – 3 days down 2 more to go!

Have a great evening and weekend!



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