Oh How I Wanted To….

Yesterday, Friday Maleigh spent the night with us.  We had a blast!  She requested “breakfast” for dinner.  She and I made biscuits together.


I gave her the left over dough and she worked and worked that dough until I thought it would start falling apart.  Well, she wanted to use the cookie cutters to make biscuit cookies – here I go digging through boxed up kitchen stuff and found Christmas cookie cutters – and that’s what she used.  But of course I had to bake the biscuit cookies made with extra, extra Maleigh love sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

This morning Mia arrives and breakfast was started.  We all sat down and ate then afterwards we started our morning – Mia wanted to help me fold Robin’s work clothes. Then she decided she wanted to dress in Tata’s  (Ta-Ta is what the grand kids call Robin) work clothes. I had to tie a bandana on her head like he does, she put a pair of his long socks on and off to the laundry room she ran saying – boots, Tata’s boots.  Here she comes scuffling and tripping wearing his big boots.  Maleigh puts on my rain boots with Tata’s bandana and socks as well!  They were going to help him work in the kitchen today.  Mia had a paint roller and Maleigh had a hammer.  Of course I had to take pictures!!



After lunch I was upstairs lying Mia down for her nap when I heard voices coming from downstairs.  I couldn’t make them out – then I heard my mom’s voice – (my mom, middle sister and niece made a quick surprise stop at the house today-on their way to my niece’s birthday weekend celebration AND of course the place is a wreck and I’m looking like a disaster….been extremely busy with Maleigh and Mia these past 4 days.  Had they dropped by Monday or Tuesday – everything would have been perfect!!  But that’s how it goes. ) I jumped to my feet ran halfway down the stairs to make sure I wasn’t hearing or imagining things and there she was sitting on the couch!  I ran back upstairs swooped Mia up out of the bed and hurriedly made my way down the stairs to see mom’s beautiful smiling face.  Oh how I wanted to jump in momma’s lap and she hold me like I was two years and feel those loving, tender, securing arms around me while listening to her soothing voice while she talks to me.

I proudly showed mom and my sister our garden and the progress Robin has made on the kitchen….then those dreaded words were said out loud – We’ve got to get going…..Oh how I wanted to jump in that truck with them and enjoy a day with them….Oh how I wanted to hold on to mom and never let her go…..the visit was too short – 20 mins?  maybe less…

I love my family (mom and siblings) so very much and miss them terribly.  We have a few hundred miles separating us, so the occasional dinner, breakfast, run over to mom’s to borrow a cup of sugar or sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee etc isn’t an option.

For now, I have two sweet baby girls that needs me as much as I need my mom and turned my attention back to them.  Mia is finally asleep, Maleigh is spending a little time with her Tata while enjoying a biscuit cookie with a scoop of ice-cream.

It’s starting to thunder, winds picking up, sky is turning dark…maybe the sky will cry, provide some camouflage to help hide these tears… There will be another time and longer visit.





4 thoughts on “Oh How I Wanted To….

  1. Your grandkids are adorable!! I hope they had a fun time helping Tata in the kitchen and can’t wait to see the final product! Looks like he’s doing a great job on the installment!

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