A Romantic City, Touch of Vintage and Music

Trying to get the house back into somewhat order and recouping from a busy week before Wednesday when Maleigh and Mia returns, I decided to watch a movie during the middle of the day gasp!  I chose “Midnight in Paris” staring Owen Wilson.  I will say I enjoyed this movie tremendously.  It features three wonderful classics I so enjoy – the nostalgia of the most romantic city Paris – which I would love to visit and could possibly call my home. My love of vintage – hypnotic,  and the music – mesmerizing.

I have discovered that I have a love for soundtracks. I really don’t need lyrics just beautifully written music. I am currently listening to the soundtrack and it makes for smiles and light hearted silliness.

Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think if they saw me dancing silly or snapping my fingers while twirling around with no one in the room but me…

Oh let them think whatever, they’re not having as much fun as I am!

Have a wonderful day.



6 thoughts on “A Romantic City, Touch of Vintage and Music

  1. Oooh, I love that movie so much. I could watch it over and over again. I had a lot of fun laughing at the stuck-up guy and Hemingway’s lines are amazing. A great cast and script. Plus, Paris. Maybe we’ll go there someday

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