Why Do You Write or Blog?

I would like to start out by saying thank you to all the nominations I have received and am still receiving.  It is an honor, exciting and I enjoy answering the questions.  I noticed that almost everyone asks “Why do you write or blog?”.  I thought about this question and decided to answer it as a post.

I started The Robin’s Nest after discovering through Facebook all the beautiful decorating blogs and I love to decorate!  I would show these to my husband and daughter and both would encouragingly tell me I should start doing the same thing, start a blog.  I was thinking to myself I can do this….I began reading, asking questions, researching checking into this new task – How To Start A Successful Blog.

As I embarked on this new journey, I quickly learned the fellow decorating bloggers I followed spent several hundred dollars attending seminars, hiring blogging consultants, paying blog designing companies to set up their pages, logos, etc.  We’ve all heard “you have to spend money to make money”, which is true but how much do I need to spend? Do I need to take out a small loan to start a decorating blog??  Hmmm, I was stunned, couldn’t believe it!  I thought it was as simple as making a few crafts, taking some photos – you know the kind of show and tell thing – put it out there for all to see, fall in love with in hopes of people wanted more….to be honest I felt complete disbelief, disappointment, overwhelming sadness….Number one – I didn’t have hundreds of dollars lying around to spend/start a blogging “business”.  Number two – I thought this was going to be something fun and exciting – a hobby!!

After getting over that shock….I began toying around with the blogging idea and thought surely I could do this without spending so much money – example –  “How To Start and Set-up  A Successful Blog” conference held in Atlanta at the convention center last month.  Conference costs – registration – $400.00, hotel room(s) assigned specifically for conference starting at $300.00/night this was a three day event.  I’m thinking OMG that’s highway robbery!!

Granted, their blogs are perfection, they are making a good amount of money through a decorating blog with no interior decorating experience and are receiving huge endorsements from well known companies!! My heart was broken, sinking to the bottom of my stomach and lower if possible. I so wanted to make a living at what I love doing – decorating.

I gave up that idea and decided to take another route and continue trying to find my rhythm, pattern, niche in the blogging world. I became obsessed with the status tab, views, likes, visitors, followers to the point of consumption / annihilation from the family.  I would was on the computer nonstop.  My husband had lost me to an electronic device!! I was trying to follow by example in the footsteps of the decorating blogs I followed.  I thought I needed to put up at least 4 scheduled posts per day.  Which I did, my posting schedule was 6am/10am/2pm/6pm.  I kept telling myself this was like having a job outside the home.  I spent hours – HOURS scouring page upon page of DIY projects, recipes, how to’s, motivational, inspirational, humorous memes as well as provide a closing story post…you get the picture. Oh, and the numbers I was so obsessing over – the status tab numbers? Nothing, no changes, no increased followers, likes, comments, views – NOTHING!!

Robin was talking to me one day but I was off in blogging la-la land trying to come up with a “good story” to post and did not respond, acknowledge or hear a word he was saying.  It occurred to me this insanity had to stop!!!  I’m can’t recall what event (other than being oblivious to my home, family, husband, surroundings) took place to break this cycle but when it happened, inhale – deep long breath, exhale calm, relaxation poured all over my body.

That pattern was broken…panic!! What do I do or write about now?? I’m lost! Robin and my daughter kept saying they liked my stories.  I was thinking “eeh” they’re ok and I didn’t have many to tell.

Once again I started pondering how or what was this blog going to develop into? I’m not a chef, as we know the decorating idea – boom – gone, I’m not an avid reader nor do I pretend to be one, I don’t write poems or children’s books.  I don’t do movie reviews….what then?  I began searching blogs through the “Reader” tab and found a few interesting titles, read the post, clicked on the like / follow button and before I knew it…..joy rapture!! I was enjoying this new blogging adventure.  I wasn’t having to schedule 4 posts per day, feeling no pressure, no meeting quotas, no one breathing down my neck to meet a deadline.  If I felt blah and didn’t want to write, guess what, it was ok!! I was loving this new found hobby! I was telling a few of my stories, loved getting to know people, no longer obsessed by that stats tab-but it makes my heart happy and sing whenever I get a new follower!!  I have met and made so many wonderful people and friends through blogging, who’s blogs by the way are just as if not more beautiful than the decorating ones that I thought I envied.  I look forward to the visits and spending time chatting with my friends!  I may not get to read them everyday but I will eventually read, reply or like a post.

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So why do I write or blog?  I blog because I love meeting, talking, laughing, crying with people who share the same emotions, understandings, non-judging attitudes, caring, compassion and well honestly “gets me”.

I write because it is my way of sharing some of my triumphs, joyful moments, disappointments, heartbreaks, love of my family and unusual occurrences.  I don’t use my blog as a diary – if I did it would be too depressing and negative – something I am changing and removing daily and feeling great about this small accomplishment!  I don’t use my blog for political rantings or degrading of others. I use my blog to let people learn a little of who I am without telling all my deep dark secrets – ;), sharing stories of my grand kids, family and of course adventures experienced both past and present.

I hope you have a wonderful day and want to say thank you for your friendship, laughs, support and visits!








28 thoughts on “Why Do You Write or Blog?

  1. I understand completely! I really started my blog with no real purpose in mind. It has become a daily source of camaraderie, inspiration and friendship with many people. A few pf my favorite bloggers, that I actually seek out are the ones that just write about stuff in their lives. The writing itself is it’s own reward. You just keep doing what feels right to you Robin. We’re here for you!

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  3. Really great post! I was just like you. I initially went into blogging thinking I would write about things that I know like TV shows and books but you’ve seen the turn my blog has taken, haha. I realized people enjoy reading stories about my life so I’ve since changed up the way that approach posts and have the dedicated Endangered posts and Facebook Friday and occasionally throw some bookish things in there. I agree it’s quite fun. I invested to have my blog self hosted because I don’t like having time limits and I wanted unlimited picture space but it wasn’t a lot of money for a year. I think you should still think about posting some of your DIY decorations! I’d be interested in reading those every once in a while. Other than that (and my super long comment), you’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

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  4. Robin, I am very happy that you gave up the regime of 4 posts per day. You make me tired just thinking about it!!!! I’m glad I didn’t read all of the stuff you did at the beginning. I would never have started. Of course, I wasn’t looking to start a business, but I would still have been totally overwhelmed. I am very happy that you write about your life and you are very funny. I tend to like that just a little bit 🙂 I hope you’ll do the Guest in Jest thing because you would have an awesome post! I have two Fridays filled so far. Yay! Keep writing at your own pace. Oh, I agree with Nel, I’d love to see some of your decorating DIY posts. Hugs sweetie! ❤

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  5. Hi Robin! I just recently discovered you and have really been enjoying your blog. I was also lured into blogging by many of the home decor blogs I was following. However, I quickly found that I tired of just writing about my home and needed to branch out into other things. I think I’m still working on my “niche”, but I so enjoy the creative process! I am a former art teacher so I’m discovering what to do with myself now that I no longer teach full time.
    Good luck to you and I hope you continue to enjoy your creativity!

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    • Thank you so for such a sweet and kind comment. Blogging is definitely a process. Yeah I could “rearrange” my furniture so many times. And I couldn’t “repaint” or add this and that every little notion or idea that came along….I don’t know how they do it? Other than endorsements – maybe? I look forward to reading more of your posts! Thanks so much 🙂

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  7. I look forward to reading your heartfelt blogs, enjoy your sense of humor, you always make me smile. I’m still looking for my niche, as I thought I would be doing more interior design blogging, but that is not what keeps showing up for me. I think you have found something very personal to your heart, and have accumulated so many friends on your blog that it’s quality, not quantity that counts at this point. Keep up the great work, and congratulations on all of your awards!

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