And Now We Come To The Next Chapter In The Book of The Robin’s Nest…

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Heather started a new job and has what I think a horrific schedule.  Her schedule – Wed (2p-8p), Thur (8a-8p), Friday (8a-8p) every other weekend Sat/Sun (8a-5p) and opened everyday but Thanksgiving and Christmas. Keep in mind that she does not get to leave at 8p that is closing time and she is 30-35 minutes away….

Heather asked me not to long ago how do people work those hours with children. I told her most people with young children don’t work those crazy hours and especially if they don’t have any help. I am so very thankful I can help her with the girls.

The days excitement begins around 7-7:15a! I take Mia to Headstart by 8a and pick her up by 2p.  She has to attend otherwise she will “lose” her place in the program. I could keep both girls all day but Heather feels that Mia is learning social and behavior skills while obtaining basic educational tools (I agree) and it gives Nana a little break.

Maleigh will be starting Kindergarten August 10th and I will be dropping her off / picking her up (school schedule is 8:30a – 3:30p).

Now there have been a few days where I haven’t had to take or pick up Mia from Headstart (Heather’s Dad will occasionally help out with transportation) and Nikki, depending upon work schedule / location helps out.  But, I am always preparing myself for the duration of all day – night.

We are in full blown work schedule mode and let me tell you – it is a joy, a real joy, a treat, a pleasure being with the girls but also overwhelmingly exhausting.  I am coming off a 5 day work week with the girls being here from 7a-9p and Robin and I decided to let them stay the night Saturday night so they wouldn’t have to get up so early when coming to the house.  I was telling Robin Sunday this seemed harder and more tiresome than working outside the home – he laughed but agreed.

How can Nana and Tata resist?  They definitely have us wrapped around their everything!

I try to get a little work done around the house but that seems to be impossible due to two wonderfully demanding all my attention (only because I have never not given them my full undivided attention) grand daughters.  I was not the mother or Nana who did not or does not interact with their kids or grand kids.  Since becoming a Nana I am in the room with them pretty much all the time.  We watch TV, dance, play and if an option, take a nap together.  The thought of them being “by themselves” in a room breaks my heart.  I’m pretty sure it has something to do with me being a Nana now.  Okay I know it has everything to do with me being a Nana and older.

This post is a lot of gibberish but I wanted to give you a quick update.   Also, I am not complaining at all, I just wanted to share the beginning of this chapter in my book of The Robin’s Nest with you.

I have two award nominations to complete (I haven’t forgot or ignoring them) and a lot of blog reading to catch up on!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!!




7 thoughts on “And Now We Come To The Next Chapter In The Book of The Robin’s Nest…

  1. Thanks for the update! As hectic as your life sounds, you’re so lucky to have these adorable babies to dance and play with every day! We definitely miss you here but don’t feel the need to rush to get back. We will take whatever we can get and appreciate the life updated as well as the pictures 😊 Your family is very beautiful!

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