Something About This Past Weekend…

I  would love to have a funny, interesting, intriguing or out of this world story to tell but, I do not.  I don’t leave the house much any more since I’m a stay at home wife therefore, I don’t go on or see many adventures or have mishaps to tell about or share.


We already know about Saturdays haircut snafu… no need to repeat or relive that nightmare…



Ay Yi Yi!!

I could tell you how my hormones have been off the chart AND

Related image


how I had a volcanic explosion in the store….

Image result for volcanic explosion gif


some of it verbally rest body language style!!


I was ready to go Rambo on somebody!!

Image result for rambo


OR I could tell you about seeing items I’ve purchased at the Dollar General Store and Wal Mart for sale at a “Vintage Antique Store” I love going to – let me just show you the items:

Image result for walmart cushions outdoor

I have the turquoise/white chevron pattern cushions and the orange and white morocco pattern cushions which I purchased from Wal Mart for $5.00 each.  These two exact pillows were at this shop for $16.00 each!! I just about fell out in the floor!!

Image result for dollar general store cow pictures

I have this whimsical cow picture I purchased from the Dollar General Store for $8.00 – it was at the shop for $29.00 – again, I had to grab onto something before making a spectacle of myself.  I was stunned, shocked! Standing there shaking my head in wonderment I decided it was time to leave.

I named my cow pic Marge – I came home and announced to her that she was going for $30 bucks at the antique shop or $32.00 on ebay!! Marge was in shock as well, speechless!

I was telling Robin about these items and he put it simply – “rich” people don’t shop at Wal Mart or common stores – the specialty shops are for them….I know I’m not “rich” (money wise) but geeze I would like to think I had a little common sense and use it!  But then again, most hoity toities wouldn’t be caught seen in common shopping centers.  I really can say this because I’ve had my share of working with Surgeons, CPA’s (owner of the firm), successful Veterinarians for a number of years and know for a fact their spouses dare not enter such places…

I will be contented shopping in the common stores unless I am overcome by hormones and get kicked out!!!

Have a wonderful no worries or care, hormonal explosion free, smiling like a monkey with a new banana day!



14 thoughts on “Something About This Past Weekend…

  1. What do you mean you wish you had a funny story to tell?? This was fantastic! Your use of memes telling this story had me giggling the whole way through. Plus Marge and the use of the phrase “hoity toites” hehehehehe. Thanks for the laugh girl 🙂

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  2. I love this! It reminds me of a contest my boss and I used to have. I’d walk into the office and tell her: 5 bucks for the shirt, 8 bucks for the pants and 12 dollars for the jacket. Total outfit, $25. Then she would announce “2 dollars for the shirt, 3.50 for the pants and 6 dollars for the sweater. Total outfit $11.50! She loved to shop at Good Will. Once in a while, I would beat her, but not often. We were making fantastic salaries, so that wasn’t the reason why. It was the sport of the thing. It’s always nice to shop local, but if it means paying three times (or more) as much, who wouldn’t take the bargain?

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