Oh No It Didn’t – That Darn Squirrel!

Now I know there are some very passionate animal lovers of all kinds out there but, and please don’t get me wrong, I like animals – a select few …. but squirrels those blasted blankety blank blank, aggravating no good for nothing pesky rodents with a fuzzy tail aren’t one of my selected few! All the INFJ’s and INFP’s and any other ABC’s please forgive me.

This year the squirrels have not only eaten themselves out of house and home, they have eaten the birds out, trying to eat our cat out and would the dogs if they were fed outside! NOW! NOW!…they have turned to us!!!

Turn around slowly, drop what ever you have in your mouth, then back away from the garden and I will let you live!


Image result for elmer fudd a hunting we will go

I was sitting at the computer gazing out the window looking at the trees canopy thinking it won’t be long until they will display all the beautiful colors of fall….when out of the corner of my eye I saw a bright green object shimming up the tree – I jumped up to get a better look and there goes one of my beautiful green tomatoes!!! That squirrel was running like his tail was on fire! Like he had won the grand prize stolen one of our tomatoes!!

Now I didn’t get a picture of this – believe me I had other things on my mind but I’m thinking this happened the whole stinking time I was outside investigating –

Image result for squirrel running up a tree with a green tomato

Image result for scratching head confused


Enraged I ran downstairs out to the garden which by the way is enclosed!  How on earth did you get that tomato through the wire? I’m inspecting the wire and found two small openings.  I closed them up but kept thinking there’s no way that tomato could fit through that opening or wire?!?

Did this squirrel steal a tomato from the garden a block up the road then come barreling down the street only to use our tree for a diversion? No, surely not….but still how did that tennis size ball tomato fit through the wire…

Robin gets home from work and I’m telling him this story and he’s like babe, the squirrels have to eat to…eat to? So do we!! I have nurtured and loved and worked hard in our little garden for us, not for the stinking squirrels! He’s laughing at me and saying breath babe breath!  I told him I’ll breath in a minute-you wouldn’t be this calm or find it humorous if they were eating your serrano or jalapeno peppers!!

He gives me that sweet smile helps me pick a few peppers and we head inside for dinner.

Tomorrow I will be watching for tree climbing green tomatoes and who knows what reaction I might have!

Wishing you a great day filled with laughter, love and happiness blue-heart-md



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