I Heard The Sound Of….

Driving by one of my FAVORITE craft stores, I noticed the summer florals were moved to the front window/door.  I zipped into a parking spot and sprinted toward those gleaming sliding glass doors and as I stepped in the entrance a choir of angelic voices started singing “Hallelujah!” – in that instance Michael’s and I became one, all was calm, serene, peaceful…there before my eyes in all it’s glory was Fall decor!  – SIGH – I’m home…the smell of apples, pumpkins, Autumn harvest wafting through out the store made a bee line to my nostrils.  Again, sheer delight!

Image result for the robin's nest written in orange

I in my happy place, floated down each aisle while admiring the colors, florals, candles, ceramic decor, pillows, ribbons…my head was swooning.  I inhaled deeply before exiting my paradise, smiled then turned to make my way out the door…..

Related image

That was last Saturday and I can not get that glorious vision out of my head!  I am so bitten by the fall decorating bug that I want to start changing out my decor RIGHT NOW – this instant….I am trying desperately to hold off for another 4-5 more weeks – I hope I have the strength to do so!

Here’s to pumpkin spice lattes, doughnuts and Cinnabons cinnamon rolls!

Image result for pumpkin spice latte




23 thoughts on “I Heard The Sound Of….

  1. Oh yuuuum cinnamon rolls! That’s a great picture you took of Michael’s! Where I live you have Michael’s in one side of the street and Pat Catan’s on the other side haha.

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  2. Robin, you must not deny your natural calling. You must act at once!!! This is the perfect time to be making fall wreaths for EVERY door in your home. This is the perfect time to be planning that over-the-top Labor Day extravaganza I’ve been waiting for. Halloween is almost upon us. It will take weeks to prepare for that. Start right now! Love, Penny P.S. Don’t tell Taco I said so. He’ll probably kill me!

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  4. Some of your posts weren’t getting to my reader. .😢 I have no idea what Michael’s is but I want to go there!
    Send me to a land of perpetual autumn and winter and I’m a happy snow bunny 😙❄🌲

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