A Little Ditty About…

Robin got to come home early from work yesterday so we could enjoy watching the eclipse together.  It was so exciting to say the least!

After all the excitement had settled Robin went out to his workshop and “piddled” a little and I returned to working on the decorations.  I was completely absorbed in decorating mode, not realizing the time or getting a “mom, I’m hungry” message from the dogs, it occurred to me that it was getting late … I turned my attention to feeding the dogs and start preparing dinner for us.

Robin came inside just as I finished feeding the dogs, took them out and I followed shortly afterwards carrying a plate of meat to grill.  We are in the Tiki Bar (where the grill is) and I’m putting the meat on while swatting at mosquitoes.

This is the worst and I mean absolute worst season for insects – primarily mosquitoes.  There is no enjoying any outside activities.  We have treated the yard more than once but to no avail, those pesky insects are ruthless and have found a way to survive! A few weeks ago Robin read that Listerine mouthwash was suppose to be a good natural defense toward our nemesis so we gave it a try – not sure how well it works meaning we got a quick summer shower minutes after he applied it to the yard!!

Back in the Tiki Bar, I was telling him that I recently read that Listerine really does work and we should give it another try. While I’m telling him this he is squeezing fresh lime, Tajin and salt in his beverage.  I look over and for some unbeknownst reason to me, he got the brilliant idea of rubbing fresh lime all over his face and hands as a possible deterrent for mosquitoes.  I’m looking at him like he has gone completely mad!  We are sitting down I’m waiting to turn the meat, he drinking his beverage anticipating whether his scheme will work – when all of a sudden mosquitoes everywhere!! Swarming his face and around his head all I could hear was “smack”! Lime I say….he is laughing now while swatting and smacking at his face.  I sarcastically say you know bugs are attracted to food so next time why not smear syrup all over your face and see it that would keep them at bay.  He looks at me like a light bulb had just exploded above him and said, hey you might be onto something, the bugs would get stuck!!!  Now I’m looking at him rolling my eyes and shaking my head from side to side like he is insane!!

Have a lovely bug free day!



15 thoughts on “A Little Ditty About…

  1. Cute story 🙂 I tried the muskol this summer, which didn’t work. Read somewhere that essential oils would keep the insects away so figured I’d give it a shot (I had just purchased several to try out all those handmade spa products I keep seeing online). Tried out peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree oil, and wouldn’t you know it worked better than any bug spray I’ve ever tried. Tea tree oil seemed to be the most effective. Couldn’t hurt to give it a try (though the lime would be infinitely easier on the nostrils!)

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