It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fall at the Robin’s Nest…

The inside of the house is singing Fall 🙂 while this past weekend the outside joined in the melody! Penny, I let you down 😦 no, I didn’t go all out for Labor Day. Instead, I labored by helping Robin pull grapevines out of trees, trimming off all the leaves and clean up the leaves and tree limbs that came down with the grapevines – to use and add to our fall decorations.  This year we have decided to make our porch look like a “cozy, festive Fall hideaway”.  I still need to add pumpkins both real and faux, corn stacks and a garland full of fall leaves to the front entryway arbor.

Unfortunately,  aftet taking a short break from decorating and making a quick run to the convenient store, I was stung by a bee on the bottom of my toe next to the big toe when walking back to the car after paying for gas.  I said one bad word (surprised more didn’t come out) finished pumping the gas in pain! I get home show Robin my instantly swollen three size bigger than normal foot, all teared up trying not to cry.  Robin takes one look at me and starts laughing.  I couldn’t believe it!  He was laughing!! I was not amused at all.  I’m trying my best to hold back a waterfall no make that a flood gate of tears and he is laughing!! This did not help matters at all!!

I have been in pain with my tooth for over a week and (today, Wednesday, it is starting to slack off – just in time for my dentist appointment tomorrow) to add insult to injury I got stung!  I’m thinking if I’m being tested for pain tolerance I’ve passed with flying colors and had enough!!

With a swollen hot red foot, I’m trying to do a little tweaking on what decorations I’ve got up and clean the mess I’ve made on the front porch.  The afternoon sun had made its way to the porch and my foot felt like it was on a grill.  I did what I could do, go inside take a shower and called it a day!!

We go to bed and Robin sweetly asks “other than your tooth hurting and bee sting, did you have a good weekend?”  With one eyebrow raised, repeating his question I look at him with an answer but all we could do was bust out laughing

I have included a few pictures that really doesn’t do my decorating thoughts justice (and I’m not happy with how they turned out) but it gives you the idea of what I was going for.  I hope you enjoy…

*please over look all dust bunnies, dog hair, kid toys, missed spots of cleaning or stains of any sorts – after all, we Robin and I along with two dogs and part-time 2 yr old and 5 year old live in our house!



Have a wonderful evening.


(I had to show off my six new wreaths I made this year)


12 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fall at the Robin’s Nest…

  1. Wow, you celebrate Autumn like we English celebrate Christmas. Everything looks AMAZING 😉I love everything, I could almost smell the spices. Great photos, loved them.

    I’m sorry to hear about the bee sting I know they really hurt 😭Hopefully your tooth will settle down soon too, sending love across the pond.

    Love your house 🏡

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    • Thank you Elaine! I do enjoy Fall. Christmas, that is a whole different world!!

      I usually don’t decorate the outside for fall as much as I did this year. My husband loves decorating for Halloween so we go all out for it!! We have converted our porch and front of the house into a pirate ship, haunted castle, haunted house with a cemetery, gory yucky stuff…my daughters and other family members tells me there will be a lot of disappointed people this year at Halloween but that’s ok – they’ll appreciate it next year 🙂

      Thank you so very much for your sweet words!! xoxo 🙂

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