A Little Bit of A Whole Lot of Nothing

Kinda been in a funk, blah, not so fun to be around mood….can’t tell you why.  I have absolutely no reason to be feeling this way.  It may be contributed to the rainy weather we’ve had all week – until today – bursts of sun beaming through the clouds.

We didn’t get any of the weather conditions predicted from Irma and I can happily say Thank You God.  Areas closer to the Georgia side saw some wind, experienced a few fallen trees but nothing like what was being predicted or what our neighboring states received.  We did get several visitors from Florida / Georgia and I’m glad that our city was able to accommodate these unfortunate people.

Poor Robin has been working long hard hours, even in the rain, and hasn’t really be able to enjoy a two day weekend for a while.  I am so blessed to have this wonderful man in my life.

Nothing exciting has happened around The Robin’s Nest.  I’ve been tweaking here and there on the fall decor and realized that I will be taking it all down in about 6 weeks (give or take a few days)!!  Robin and I have decided that we are not going to decorate for Halloween yep you heard it correctly, we are not decorating for Halloween!  Instead, we’re staying with a Fall theme this year.  Of course I will put out a few (very few) Halloween things – a wreath, few pumpkins, maybe a black cat, bats or skeletons …. but that will be all.  The family keeps saying there will be a lot of disappointed people this year.  That’s ok, they will appreciate the hard work we put in decorating next year!

I’ve been looking at Christmas decorations (Pinterest) ALREADY!! Some may think it’s way tooooo early but I’m thinking looking is right on schedule.  Besides, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and other department stores have Fall, Halloween and now Christmas decorations already out on the shelf!  Pretty soon, I think these items will be out year round.  Now that may be a little insane…..

Like I said nothing really exciting going on around here.  I do wish everyone a wonderful Friday and fabulous weekend.



18 thoughts on “A Little Bit of A Whole Lot of Nothing

  1. So sorry you are feeling blah! Soak up some sunshine, put on your workout clothes and take a walk, be creative! All these things will help! Oh, and chocolate fixes everything!!💚

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  2. I think you have your answer on the blahness. Rain, lack of Robin and root canal. C’mon, even one of those things would engender a bit of downness. I know things are really bad when you don’t want to decorate for Halloween. Although I know you. There will be a pumpkin, then that will look lonely and you’ll put out that black cat. That won’t seen Halloweeny enough so maybe a scarecrow or bunch of corn stalks. Yeah, you may not make the pirate house, but I bet you’ll be doing more than you think! Big hugs and I hope you feel better. By the way, it’s almost time to think about those Labor Day decorations for next year! 😉

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  3. Aww I hope your funk turns around. I know the feeling. I’m looking forward to seeing your decorations that you share! Now that I’m out if the retail world, I don’t the fact that they all go up in August like I used to. 😁 ❣️

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  4. I have been seeing Christmas things out and about already too. I could swear they’re getting earlier and earlier each year, but thought it might have just been me!
    Sorry to hear you’re feeling so blah. Weather has been taking a turn for the worse here too and a lot of seasonal illness going around, so I can sympathize with you there. Though from all of the news reports I have been seeing as to what is going on in the southern states, I really don’t have any cause to complain and should feel lucky I’m just grumbling about the light rain and cool temps. Such devastation 😦
    I’ve always been more of a fall over Halloween décor kinda person myself, and I’m sure your home is looking quite lovely. Cannot WAIT though to see what you have in store for Christmas!! ❤

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