I’m Bored….

When I’m “bored”, I tend to do crafts, decorate or re-decorate, move furniture around (bring outside things in or take inside things out), destroy a kitchen….Well yesterday I was bored.  Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of things to do – give the dogs a bath, mow the yard, get down to some nitty gritty cleaning….but that’s no fun!

I walk into “The Purple Room” and the thinking wheels start churning and turning, you could smell and see smoke piping out the ears from all the cogs whizzing out of control in my mind.  I use the purple room as my crafting /office/part-time grand kids bedroom/playroom.  It was quickly becoming the I don’t like being in here and need to do something about it room.  And that’s exactly what I did!  Robin has been saying I need to make it “my room” but I’m the type of person who puts other peoples needs before mine and will do without (until I realize that it’s time for me).

I love sitting in this room for many reasons,  it’s on the north side of the house which is quieter, when looking out the windows (not covered by window treatments or curtains) its as if I’m sitting in the tops of the trees, I get enough sunlight and shade which makes for comfortable temps and it is so very calming, relaxing.

When the wheels started turning yesterday, I sort of knew what I wanted in here and kept telling myself “every girl needs her own girlie room” and a new Robin’s Nest office bloomed!!

I was recently told that I have an obsession with chairs.  Hmmm, I didn’t think I did but, after looking around the house, maybe I do. OH! and it was pointed out that I could be a borderline hoarder…. by my youngest daughter!! That turkey!!

Robin salvaged the two painted wicker chairs from the trash and the colors work perfectly for me in here! (I had them originally outside)  The wing back chair (sitting in front of my desk) as well as the pink Victorian style floor lamp was one of my first “adult” furniture purchases about 30 years ago.

The bench chest served as a toy/storage box for my youngest daughter (I have to have a reading nook for the grand kids)

and the mirror was given to me by my middle sister.  That is an antique twin bed frame sitting behind the bench chest – I used it when the girls were growing up!

The white dresser needs a paint job but I just love the way it looks.

My desk was the first dinning room table I used in this house and my desk chair is sooooo comfortable but black! I have no plans replacing it so I found a white table cloth with gold stars that works perfect as a cover up!

The table behind my desk belonged to my grandmother (it is too dark so I covered it) is home to the front gate-original to the house (replaced with a more “fitting style”) and I dared not discard it….oh no, my daughter may be on to something…

My positive thinking is, look at the money I saved by having this stuff these items already here!! Everything in this room was tucked in a box, drawer and closet waiting to be used again.

I could not wait for Robin to get home yesterday and show him my hard work.  He liked it and later that evening sat with me to do a little reading before going to bed.  He was quite surprised with the comfortable wicker chairs. (I would love to find a stool or ottoman to put with them).

This morning when I walked into my office – I smiled.  I am so enjoying the new look!!  Of course I will be doing some “tweaking”.  Might look for a unique book case or shelf, area rug (floor was painted a buttercream yellow years ago and have seen a lot of wear and tear), maybe hang a few more things on the walls because … (I do have a few more items tucked away waiting to be used again 😉 )…

For those of you who may be concerned with my boredom….I have be thinking of what changes needs to be made in one of the other bedrooms!!

I hope you have a spectacular day and wonderful evening.


Side note – I took the pictures with my tablet which look perfect but here they are so grainy and horrible (grrr)!!


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