Once Upon A Dark And All Hallows Eve

It all started with a little witch girl, some tombstones, an air balloon undertaker, two hanging reapers and one large black widow sitting in her web waiting patiently…

Imaginations grew with body parts and tools of the trade added….


A fright night evolved featuring Robin (sitting) as a “ghoul”!! It was the scare of a lifetime!! 


Things took a small turn – but don’t you worry…fear was still in the hearts of the children who dare stepped on the porch hoping for treats and not tricks….

This decorating year Robin worked out of town so much and I was working long, long, long hours…..it was up to me to get our Halloween act together  – and this is what I came up with.

Joyous, joyous laughter from those who live here…..be cautious when accepting their dinner invitation…for who know who or what delicious morsel awaits you…..

My stove literally died and what better way to use it!!

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me. Shiver me timbers give me yer candy or ye will walk yon plank!!

My sister and her two boys came up that year to help give out candy and par-tay!!! This was the most fun and best Halloween ever!!

Yes, yes …..that’s it come you sweet, precious adorable children.  Welcome, welcome to our Castle ruled by the King and Queen, guarded by two Knights.  Make your way across the draw bridge but be warn, be warn!! and hope it doesn’t close or you will end up in the dungeon!!


– Just for fun, I thought I would feature some of our past Happy Halloween Hauntings and pumpkin carvings at The Robin’s Nest – 

I hope I didn’t overload you!! We have had so many people (repeats) drive by our house since we began decorating around 2009 and it always makes me happy to see them slow down to look or get out of their cars and take pictures.

I know this year there will be so many disappointed people but I can only hope that they will appreciate and enjoy next year….


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