It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

As promised here is the 2017 Christmas tour of The Robin’s Nest.  Keep in mind I’m not a professional photographer, we live completely and totally in our 100 year old always needing a little paint, touch up, redo-makeover here and there (just like me) home.  We love every inch of comfort our nest provides and I am thrilled to share it you.

When you walk into our front door you are instantly standing in our living room with the dining room to your right – no foyer just two large open rooms.  Here you are greeted by my pride and joy – The Santa Tree.  I have been collecting Santa ornaments and figures over 30 years.  The Santa Figurine featured on the mantle (and others through out our house) was made and given to me by my mom, a treasure I will forever cherish.  Then a few years later she gave me ornaments from my very first Christmas!! I was thrilled beyond words!! Even though they are worn and may have lost a little of their shine – they are lovingly placed on this tree.  Robin’s favorite pieces on the Santa tree are the crystal/glass icicles.  They do add and give it the perfect touch!

You will notice the red room off the living room (doorway behind the white chair) that is Robin’s office.  I never really knew what it was used for.  I did meet a lady who lived in the house at a very young school age and is now in her late 70’s.  She told me the washing machine and fuse/electric box was in that room!  Ah yes, I do have a tree for the fish – hahaha!  It’s just so much fun 🙂

If you look closely, you will see Miss Scarlett stealing a photo op.  She is sitting in the walk thru or hallway going upstairs, the kitchen is to her left powder room / Robin’s office to her right.  I wanted to give you an idea of how the rooms are set up, if you are standing at the fireplace you look straight into the dining room.

In the dining room.  I like to think of this room as Santa’s workshop (also featuring two more Santa’s made by my mom – red/white one on the baker’s rack and all white one on the piano).  I love the colorful lights and playfulness of this room.  It’s the grandkids favorite room as well. They bang (yes bang on the piano, singing their loudest) like opera performers while the toys are dancing happily along side them.   We refer to this tree as the “Chili Pepper Tree”.  It started out very small and as you can see has grown by leaps and bounds.  We have such an assortment of ornaments – some from both of my daughter’s childhood, Disney characters,   Christmas and/or movie characters (Darth Vader), silly no nonsense ornaments with chili peppers spread through out on the colored lights.  This year I included some of my gingerbread theme items on the piano (this year I changed my theme for the kitchen).  Yes, I have themes for each room all different. 🙂  I also swapped out the hutch where I like to feature my different Santa plates/mugs/figurines etc collection, for the china cabinet now in the kitchen, and added the Nutcracker theme in the lower section of the hutch.  I’ve had the nutcracker snow globe  for years and thought what a fun way to display it.  Next we go to –

Robin’s office or what we loving call “The Red Room”.  I tried to get a better picture of the garland (this room faces the North and is very much shaded by the bamboo making it a little difficult).  I broke down the sections to give you an ideal of what it looks like.  I didn’t take a picture of his desk – (it’s an organized Robin mess).  I dare not move anything!  This is the second appearance for this tree and it is giving a fantastic showing :).  I’m thinking of calling this room’s theme – Feliz Navidad.   Robin was pleasantly surprised to see his room get a festive touch – I love the way it turned out.

Last and certainly not least, I will leave you with the powder room.  I chose a historic green paint color for this room and LOVE decorating it for fall and Christmas.  I call this my Eclectic Woodland/Nature theme.


I still have a few more rooms to go and am super excited about sharing them with you.

I hope you enjoyed this little Holiday tour and was not overwhelmed.



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