It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year… Part 3

Now that we’ve made it upstairs and before we begin, if you missed any of my Christmas tour you can see it here and here.  We will be visiting my office first.  I decided to not go overboard or too festive in this room.  I chose a tree, two Santa’s (the one sitting on the white dresser was made by mom), a snow globe and a cute little metal tree.  I caught Scarlett taking a nap disturbing her only for a moment.  I call this room French Cottage with a Kick.  This year I added the blown glass ornaments adorn with jewels (which was a happy find), a sweet little quirky Santa and a crazy colorful topper to my tree.  I think it gives this room a bit of playfulness.  I just wanted to keep things calm … quiet.

Next we go to Rustic meets Cowboy bedroom – another one of my favorites (actually every room is my favorite).  I used a bigger tree this year and didn’t have any trouble filling it up with birds, birds nest, lanterns, new and old ornaments, pine cones and grapevine.  I enjoyed decorating this tree as much as I did the others.  The buffalo check or (what I always referred to the pattern as a red and black flannel shirt) belonged to my dad.  I made it into a pillow and love how it looks in this room.  I used an old saddle dad gave me with my red cowgirl boots!! I have such an assortment of Rustic/Woodland/Natural elements going on in this room but feel like they work beautifully together.  I love walking into this room and look at everything and taking it all in just as much as I do the others.  Earlier this summer I had every intention of donating Mia’s (formerly Maleigh’s) toddler bed, well … Mia saw where I had put it and passionately stated “my bed” snuggling up in it saying ahhhh – there was no way I could give it away now!! I do my best incorporating it in this really overcrowded room.  I brought one of my larger indoor plants up here and it worked really well until I decided to go with a bigger tree – sigh.  This room is suppose to be a guest bedroom but it is slowly and surely turning into the grandkids room – I don’t mind.

And now we have the master bedroom – lovingly called the Snowman room.  This room makes me feel like I’m in a winter wonderland!  Our snowman tree started out as a 2-3 feet make do tree a few years after Robin and I got together.  Well, as you can plainly see, it has doubled, tripled in size 🙂 I love, love, love this tree.  I love looking at it when lying in bed at night and in the mornings when getting up – do you remember the “clapper” – that turned the lights off/on? We have one on this tree – hahaha.  It is so very convenient, works great when getting up early mornings and turning it off at night before going to sleep.  The grandkids love trying to turn the tree lights on!  I have to say this room makes me smile every time I walk in it.  After publishing this post I realized that I did not turn the bed down to show off our snowflake flannel bedding or put the big warm comforter on it! C’est la vie.

I will end with these few rooms and will show you the outside in the last post at another time – until then, I hope you have enjoyed my sharing of our home and have a wonderful day.

Much love from ~



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