The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude Day 8: The Magic of Christmas Make Believe

Friday was Robin’s work Christmas party.  This year we took Maleigh and Mia with us.  It is family oriented and the children love seeing and receiving presents from Santa! We left a little early for the party to show the girls some holiday magic.

Every year our electric power board closes up their huge display windows during the first few weeks of November to reveal their Christmas gift to us.  This year their theme is Christmas Around the World.

We get Downtown and it is freezing!! 31 degrees-real feel 25 and a cold, cold wind!! (brrrrr) so we bundled up the girls and walked to each window.  It is so fun watching them, seeing their faces, hearing the excitement, giggles and squeals with twinkling eyes taking everything in.  Not to mention we adults getting to act like a kid as well. What really makes this so much fun is the kids get to stand nose to nose (thru the glass) with the characters watching their world come to life!

Of course neither Robin or I had our phones but luckily I found a few pictures on EPB’s website to share with you.



Next we go the Chattanooga Choo Choo where they have an ice skating rink set up (only for a few months), and the girls had a blast watching people ice skate.  I don’t think I will be attempting ice skating any time soon – my luck I will fall and break a hip.   We go inside the Choo Choo and what a surprise – there sat Santa – (still no phones on either one of us UGH!!) Mia was so excited to see him and couldn’t wait to talk to him.  It was meant to be NOBODY standing in line.  Usually it’s hours of waiting in a line for Santa pictures.  She jumps up on his lap and tells him that all she wants for Christmas is well, Christmas.  Santa lets out a hearty ho-ho-ho at that one. Maleigh tells him she wants a terrarium.  Santa tells Maleigh that she has been a good girl and will be seeing her very soon.  She was ecstatic and kept reminding us what Santa told her.  Before we leave the Choo Choo the girls got walk in the engine of a real train which made Mia beyond happy.


We get to the party ate some wonderful food and fellowship when who walked through the door?? SANTA!  I thought Mia was never going to leave his side! She stayed with him during his entire visit.   Santa called their names out for their gifts and no time was wasted opening them.  As we were leaving the party Maleigh exclaimed this was the best day ever!! Mia couldn’t stop talking about Santa!!

Maleigh and Mia Chirstams 2017a 002.jpg

I hope to never outgrow the magic of Santa, lights and a world of make believe come to life.

Much love from




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