I’m Infected…

I learned today that I have a virus on my PC and it has pretty much wiped it out 😡 and … I am going to have to replace it ugh! Just my luck. It’s going to be a while before that happens so I’m forced to use either my phone or tablet. I loathe typing on either one of them!

Feeling frustrated!



17 thoughts on “I’m Infected…

  1. Robin, maybe you can salvage this one. A virus isn’t the end of the computer, though you might lose your data. Don’t throw it away! I’ll help you reformat if you like. Unless the virus totally fried the hard disk, we can reclaim it. I’d be glad to help you do it.

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  2. uugghh I feel for you. I hate using the tablet and phone for typing. They are supposed to be smart!!! I swear they type things that I would never type and on RARE occasions I am lucky enough to catch the errors before I hit send. It is defininitely a much slower go too! I hope you are able to get a new computer soon!. Merry Christmas to you and your family!! =) ❤

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