A Little Excited!!

I didn’t get my computer fixed BUT I have an ancient laptop stored somewhere deep in the back of the closet …. I decided to be brave, dig it out, blow off the dust and see what happens…TA-DA! I think for the moment I’m back from the dead!! I will have to get use to the layout (a little different from what I’m use to seeing) and keyboard – but I think I can manage.  Oh happy day 🙂



9 thoughts on “A Little Excited!!

  1. Glad to hear that you can get going again! sometimes the old dusty computers can get the creative juices flowing! Computers, testing complex circuits and putting together systems is my work world. Some of my work was only on old Windows computers. When those no longer worked, it was “challenging” to recreate work on the new company computers – and figure out how to make old software work.

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